Update on my COR career


Sorted out everything with the Mirage and got it sold and bought the boat I should have bought in the first place, Skip Ewing's GMT. Skip hung in there waiting for me on the purchase and I appreciate that. Its a beautiful boat, with all of the good parts, and turnkey race ready. JJ Gibbs has also been a great help so far and he is going to be helping me out with the GMT.

I'll be getting some seat time under my belt early mornings on Lake Havasu between now and my first race in Long Beach.

Thanks, Walt

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Welcome aboard the COR family Walt. I'm sure it will not be long before the #711 finds its way to the winner's circle. Call or write if you have any questions! Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

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That is a fast boat! I was always impressed with the way that boat ran. Congratulations!

They had a great rep back in the early days of ModVP, would be my second choice behind my Stoker. Greg Foster ran one (very successfully) for many years and is still active in boat racing. Ron Hill has his contact info and might be worth a call.

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I saw Ron the other day, and will see him again next week, Ill ask him. From what I understand there were not that many made, and at least this one I know was laid up by Bob Leach.

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One was a v-bottom based on the Spectra 19, and the other is the Mod-VP hull with the same Spectra 19 deck. both rare boats. There was one on Performance boats back east for sale a few months back. Very nice ride!