2015 COR agenda


As the new COR chairman I would like to thank Mike for his service as the Cor chairmen in 2014, I am depending on his continued support in my transition to the new chairman.

I would like to make a list of things to do, or an agenda for COR boat racers in 2015. I think my first goal will be to publish a revised rule book to include changes decided on in the annual meeting. Remember these are only proposed rule changes, they must be approved by Dutch before they go into effect.

I look at the next race in Parker as a turning point, anybody who wants to continue racing should do everything in his power to make it to Parker with a legal boat prepared for racing. If I am right, we will be "under the microscope" once again. Hopefully, we will all consider what is at stake and drive our boats with self disapline and patience.

Foster new growth, if we cannot muster a large boat count, then we have little leverage, to be accepted by race directors at upcoming races.

Driver's school... this is mandated in our rules and it is my belief that this may be the most important rule to change the safety of racing a COR boat. In December, this should be on the list to arrange.

Ok there is the short list.

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Emilio, Greg, Dave, Tim, Rod, Keith and Mike

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Good start Kevin! I did speak with Dutch. He has been prepped and is waiting on our proposed updates to the rules that we agreed on. The GMT is having a bar installed, that make 4 potential boats for Parker.

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I submitted a PDF file of the revised rules to Dutch this morning. Hopefully, he feels the same sense of urgency that we feel concerning this.

Now , if I could just learn how to spell "discipline" perhaps I could practice discipline in my racing.

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I am pleased to report that our rules have been accepted with a couple of exceptions. The rules are being added to the APBA's website and should be published shortly. The helm rule for the 2.4 helm is still in place, but existing COR racers with 2.0 helms will continue to be legal if they are registered as a COR boater prior to January 2015. So it's time to gear up for Parker at Thanksgiving, where the 2015 rules will be in place.

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Good job Kevin.

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So I blew it, when I submitted the new rules I dropped the ball on two counts. First thing the weight rule should not have included "remaining fuel" and the second thing is the displacement vs weight rule. I thought we were going to have two weights and two displacements, but it seems the consensus was (or is) for only 26 cc heads. If everyone will have to have 26 cc heads, why did we vote to up the lower weight limit to 1500 lbs?
So I believe it will be better from several standpoints to have only 26 CC heads, but what should the minimum boat weight be, 1500 lbs or 1550 lbs? My vote will be 1550 (since I have a heavy boat) and that was our existing rule until the middle of 2014. I will remain open to discussion and I have polled some racers already, but I would like to hear from anybody who might like to get a COR boat wet in 2015.. You may Email me: Kevin@randrpropshop, or call me, but you will have to look in the COR boat address list for the number.

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I would prefer one weight for all and will place a vote for the heavier weight of 1550. The heavier weight is a more reachable weight for boats in the modern world versus the "light lay-ups" of the 80's. I am also happy to see the 26cc rule maintained. Weighing the boat with no fuel also levels the playing field. Good work!