Annual Meeting Nov. 1


COR boat owners, I am in the process of planning for our annual COR meetings. This is an opportunity for boat owners and interested parties to get together and discuss the future of the COR racing class. We will also have a social event event, to get to know one another and to enjoy the day together.

The date for the meeting will be in early Nov., in time to submit our proposed rules changes to the APBA, prior to our first race of FY15 to be held on Thanksgiving in Parker, AZ. We will open the boat owner vote to all current COR boat owners whether you have raced or not in this season. Clearly, I am doing this to due to the extenuating circumstances and want to make sure we have high participation in the meeting.

I would also like to get the boats out on the water and make that part of the social event.

What ideas do you all for locations? Any date preferences? Any nominates or self nominations for COR Chairman?

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I have been in discussions with the APBA to expanding the safety options for COR drivers. These are all just proposed ideas at this point.

First, the APBA is working on standardizing the technical specs for rolls bars. They see roll bars going into additional classes and would like to have common definition across the classes. They would grandfather any bars we have built for COR and our cockpit rules would basically remain the same.

Secondly, I am working with them to allow an additional option of running a roll cage. In this proposal would would lift and shift the roll cage rules from OPC SuperSport over to COR. Cages currently allowed in SS would be allowed in COR. Cockpit pit rules under this configuration would also match SS.

Thirdly, I am working with them to allow an additional option of running a capsule. In this proposal would would lift and shift the capsule rules from OPC SuperSport over to COR. Capsules currently allowed in SS would be allowed in COR.

These proposals would allow COR to run under the existing rules but also give drivers more safety options, also expanding our potential boat field... SS boat owners could put a 2.0 liter on their boats and run COR.

While this is not the original vision of the a class of opened cockpits with no safety bars, this seems to be a clear path forward for the class at this point in time.

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Cor meeting will be held on Nov. 1 at Hill Marine.

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Need nominations for a new COR Chairman. Please post them here or bring them to the meeting. That will be our first order of business.

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1. can nominations be made from the floor at the meeting?
2. What are the qualifiers to make a nomination and/or to vote?
3. Can votes be caste by proxy?
4. Is presence at the meeting required to vote?
5. How many qualified COR members must be at the meeting in order for the vote tallies to be official?
6. Are there any nominees for the COR chairman at this time?
7. I assume the COR chairman with the largest number of votes will take over the meeting immediately after the votes are tallied. No? Yes?
These questions may have been answered in the past however it may be a good idea to re-emphasize the voting procedures one more time. Others may also have valid questions! This is the time to have questions answered regarding the rules of participation-it can save time down the road.

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2. Boat Owners are defined as someone who owns or owned a legal COR boat that completed a minimum of one (1) APBA points race in that racing year. Boat Owners are granted one (1) vote on pre- published agenda items. Boat Owners are granted a vote on new COR class officers including COR Chairman, Secretary, Activity Directors, Drivers Representative, New Driver Mentor, and Safety Leader on an annual basis.

3. At the end of each APBA racing year (Nov. 1 to Oct. 31), an annual COR meeting will be scheduled and run by the current COR Chairman. All proposed changes to the COR Rules will be voted on at the annual meeting. The COR Chairman will notify all Boat Owners and post the date and location of the meeting on the COR website thirty (30) days before the meeting to give all Boat Owners time to schedule their attendance. All agenda items to be considered will be shared ten (10) days before the meeting. Provisions will be made to ensure all eligible Owners who want a vote, get a vote whether they are able to physically make the meeting or not.

4. A special/interim meeting may be called by the COR Chairman as long as all Boat Owners are properly notified.

5. For any vote to be considered, a minimum of two-thirds of the Boat Owners must cast a vote. If two- thirds results in a fraction, standard-rounding rules apply.

6. A minimum of two-thirds of the votes are required for a rule to be put forward to the APBA. A tie vote means the vote failed to pass. The COR Chairman will record and present the votes. The Special Events Chairman and the APBA committee have the final approval for any change in rules.

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I hope the above answers a few questions. Here are a few more points for clarification:

> Regarding item #2 above... will go back two racing seasons based on the abbreviated season this year. So all the boat owners from 2013 and 2014 will get a vote if they choose.

> Nominations... we need them now. This way we can more easily accept votes from those not able to make the meeting. If we are able to get 2/3 vote, the new Chairmen will run the meeting.

> Agenda... is currently the safety items I listed above including the 2.0 helm which is not explicitly listed above.

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It would appear that nominations for the COR chairman must be placed on the table prior to the meeting on Nov.4th. I hereby nominate Greg Ronkainen for position of COR CHAIRMAN. Rod Zapf stv88.

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Would it be possible to have a copy of COR members who are eligible to vote listed on this website?

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Mike Q. has served us well during the very difficult period he has acted as COR chairman. To my knowledge he has always acted in the best interest of the class. He has been the "man to beat" since joining the COR family just three years ago exemplifying the utmost in sportsmanship. He has won many races and has taken on the best at Parker! ROD

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I understand that a 2/3 vote is generally recognized in Parliamentary procedures in order to overturn a previous vote regarding such things as club rules however never have I heard of a 2/3 vote required to elect an
official, especially to a vacant position, assuming of course that you have every intention of giving up the position of COR chairman. A simple majority vote, as in most every other vote, would not only suffice but would be in order. A 2/3 vote would certainly be advantageous to any incumbent wanting another "GO AT It" ! ROD STV 88

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1. Boat Owners (Voting Members 2013 & 2014)

> Rod Zapf #88 (310) 488-3563

> Ron Hill #9 (714) 608-7147

> Tim & Dave Carranza #45 (310) 498-1627 (310) 658-3891

> Emilio Mijares #04 #05 (702) 872-9405

> John Soares #386 (909) 380-4945

> Kevin Taylor #234 (702) 564 7502

> Mike Q #007

> Greg Ronkainen #128 (310) 376-3422

> JJ Gibbs & Mike #6 (928) 453-8000

> Keith Bandy #343 (714) 745-7078

> Lonnie Morris #85 (209) 948-4998

2. Non-Owner Drivers

> Keith Lockliear #234 (702) 324-4449

3. Dry Boat Owners

> Luke Moore #941 (925) 876-6554

> Bill James #816 (714) 401-9559

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Rod: Thank you for the kind words. I know you know, it feels at times like a thankless job. I try my best as you did. Regards, Mike

All: We have two COR Chairman Nominations so far: Kevin Taylor and Greg Ronkainen. Please submit any additional names ASAP.

I am NOT running but we will need 2/3 vote to make a change, otherwise, I will STAY in the role.

Let's get the nominations submitted and the voting done so I can hand over the role.

For those who are not able to make the meeting, you can submit your votes via email to before the meeting time of 1:00 PST this Saturday.

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Normally the acting chair does not have a vote, the exception to this rule is only to break a tie. This is true all the way up to the VP of the U.S. As I see it, we have 10 qualified votes PLUS the tie breaking vote of thee Chairman. This in accordance with Roberts order of Rules, Parliamentary Procedure, and A.P.B.A. MIKE, JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU GET THROUGH THE MEETING IT COULD BE A LONG ONE.. I KNOW THAT you know the rules, but some donot.

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I agree with this point

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Mike, I'm sorry but you do not have the power to require a 2/3 vote to remain in power. This contradicts all rules of standard practice.You have now made it common knowledge that you do not want to "give up" the position of COR chairman. Let's be honest, call for a legitimate vote and let the chips fall where they may.

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My intent is to stay in the role until we have 2/3. I hope this time frame is not past this Saturday but I will give it one more week in the role if we need to chase down votes and until I have a transition I am happy with. Again I hope that is not more than a week.

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Whoe! It seems you are departing from all rules of properly held meetings. Please forward the exact number required to elect a COR chairman at the meeting on Nov.1st. I would hate to think we are playing a game. We have members driving many miles that expect a meeting that is honest, transparent and within the COR rules. Please list the exact number, by name, of people who can vote by your rules, then, if you will, please list the people by name that are eligible to vote in accordance with the current and official COR rules. I know this knocks me off the list and actually only leaves about six eligible voters. Please correct me if I am wrong. Once again, please give us an actual count by name. The membership needs to have a clear picture of the upcoming meeting. Rod

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I have to agree with Rod, I don't wish to alieniate anyone who has a wish to race a COR boat. But I now think it will impossible to get 2/3 of everyone on the above list. Therefore, I would demand that the rule that only wet boats in 2014 be allowed to vote.
2.Boat Owners are defined as someone who owns or owned a legal COR boat that completed a minimum of one (1) APBA points race in that racing year. Boat Owners are granted one (1) vote on pre-­‐
published agenda items. Boat Owners are granted a vote on new COR class officers including COR Chairman, Secretary, Activity Directors, Drivers Representative, New Driver Mentor, and Safety Leader on an annual basis.
Mike is incorrect in saying that the 2/3 majority vote applies to the vote for the above representatives, it has been applied only to rule changes.

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I agree with Kevin on Mike being incorrect!

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OK. If you all don't like how I am doing it, do it your way. My only intent was to consider people who made investments. I would not want to leave out Lonnie. JJ would most likely abstain. The others listed in section 2 and 3 do not get votes. Anyway, I'm done after the vote. Good luck fellas.
Keith B.

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Actually, we only have one nomination, since Rod is no longer a voting member under the groups decision to only include 2014 wet boats, Rod does not get to nominate anyone. Right now we have Kevin as the only nomination. Any others will be accepted up to the meeting start time.

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Congrats Kevin Taylor! The new COR Chairman.

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Congratulations Kevin for being elected as our new Chairman for the 2015 season. For those of you who missed the Parker Enduro the CORE boats made a good run at the title this year. It was a great race and a lot of fun. Thanks Dad, Bill, Pat and James Perry for making it all happen. Next year I will be bringing the FRANKINMERC.