COR Event in the Southeast

I am looking for anyone who might be interested in organizing a COR event in the Southeast. If you are interested I am taking names. Please send your information to Jimmy B. Lewis,, 706-244-6825

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I would like to attend. What is your target date?

I am trying to get the names of five (5) people who are interested enough to get together for a meeting in January, 2015. I would envision a conference call to begin the process. We would form a committee to explore the idea.

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Great, I don`t know if i`m close enough (Shreveport) to help but i`m only a call away. I have an old Laser and a 2.0l i built for COR if i ever get out that way so count me in to race. It`s a hell of a lot closer than Cali. Of course i`ll have to build one of those crash bars, That is if ya`ll do the APBA thing. If not then even better
Bobby Sanders
(318) 564-4445

Bobby Sanders quote, "If not then even better". My exact sentiments too.

If you guys DON'T join APBA and start a new association (NO crash bars), maybe I'll leave the 2.0 on my GMT, head your way, make a vacation out of it and race with you guys. Always wanted to visit the Southeast.

I will NOT put crash bars/roll bars in my boat, period.

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Yea i`m not to crazy about doing that to my boat either. I don`t know how much of a presence apba has in the south east anyhow. We have events down here that require Wildlife and Fisheries permits and insurance and thats it. We just do our thing. No santioning body at all. I relize that out west they try to be included in all apba events for a reason but i`m not sure that reason is nessessary in the southeast.

Hey Bobby,

I'm sure you seen the finished "crash bar" picture on a boat on this website. Although I'm sure the craftsmanship is superb, it looks totally out of place in the boat and really hasn't any functional purpose has to what it was intended to do.

I've seen the wreck (Go Pro camera) which took the life of a driver which implemented this rule. If APBA thinks their designed crash bar would have saved this man's life, they are sadly mistaken.

Maybe a fully enclosed roll bar design might have saved his life, but if that were the case then all COR members would have to take "capsule" training and pass before they could race. This would also require safety "diving" crews to be present at all COR races. I say this because a fully enclosed roll cage designed to the likes of our present race car would entrap a driver in a roll over or flip. A probable drowning situation if I've ever saw one.

The only other alternative to the roll bar would be for a capsule to be installed. I know I can't afford to install one and I can't imagine the majority of COR owners can either.

As you probably read before on my previous posts regarding this matter, I've been around boat racing since the early 1970's. I've seen other open cockpit boats including the kneel downs have similar types of wrecks. My question has been (which nobody has answered thus far) and will continue to be, why doesn't APBA mandate that all open cockpit boats (including kneelers) under their sanction have "crash bars"installed for their concerned safety reasons?

If this rule was implemented to save the lives of COR drivers then why not put 'crash bars" on every class of open cockpit boats and save their lives as well?

Now with that being said, only a logical mind can assume APBA must value the lives of COR drivers and the Jersey Speed Skiff drivers back east over all the other open cockpit racers. I don't know much about Jersey Speed Skiffs other than what they look like and that they roll over quite a bit in the turns, but I prefer to think COR boats ( low profile) have more of a resemblance to a flat bottom than a Jersey Speed Skiff.

There you have it folks! Hmm, interesting isn't it?

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Yes i would say so. Part of me says apba likes COR because they are boat racers (w/membership money) and the other says no because they allowed Mod-VP to die without a fight and COR looks like Mod-VP. I have my own opinion why just like many others but won`t get into that on an open forum. I will say this tho, Mod-VP was a very large class nation wide with many different hull makers and was supported in most all divission races year round so participant interest was definitely there. So if it wasn`t the hull makers and it wasn`t the racers interest and all the clubs supported the class then why did the class get dropped from the national circuit?
As i said, COR looks like Mod-VP. Go figure.

Well guys, it's evident our boat is not going to sell. I've had our boat up for sale on numerous sites and not even one call.

Whenever I had put up our race cars up for sale in the past, the phone would ring off the hook on the first day. This proves to me that in the public's view, boat racing isn't anything near as popular as car racing. Sad, but true.

Obviously my boat is good for only one thing, it's only good for racing it in COR. Soooo, we will install the crash bars and a 2.4 helm.

It sure would be nice to know how many of you are going to do this for 2015? I know the 343 boat has and I know Lonnie is going to do it, but really, how many of you guys are really committed?

I really don't want to drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of my boat and go to the expense ($) to not have enough COR boats to meet APBA's rules to make a class next year.

So come on guys, put your name down on this site if you are really going to install the bars? If there is enough of you to make a class, I'd like to get started on this as soon as possible and be ready for the first race of the season next year!

Thank you!

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So far we have committemtns from the 4, 5, 7, 234, 343, and 757 for bars. And I think the 45.

Thanks Mike, are you the #7 boat? I thought you were the other boat. Well that makes 6 possibly 7 and that's good for me, so I'll get started right away.

See ya next year at the races!

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I have nothing against hydrolic steering and in fact i have it in my Riot lake boat but for a race boat i have always liked wing/cable better. That is still ok in COR right?

Yes Bobby, there good. Lonnie runs a cable wingplate system on the Del Taco boat.

I just had a long conversation with Mr. Schatz (special events rep). He explained to me in detail who was in their committee and their reasons for implementing the new rules, all of which is very sound. I know of the people (by name) who were in this committee he mentioned and it would be naive of me to argue with them. I will no longer post rebuttals to the new rules and I will conform to all of them

After talking to Scott, I do have more confidence (safety wise) in putting my son back in the seat of a COR boat. I also found out after talking with him that he is extremely knowledgeable about hydraulic steering systems as they apply to racing.

Thank you Scott for sharing your knowledge on this subject. Knowing what I know now after my conversation with you, I would delete some of my posts on this matter if I could.

I'll just end it by saying we'll see you next year at the races with our boat conforming to the new safety rules

Take care everybody!

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Yes. My number is 007. Or in COR since the APBA scoring only reads 7, 07, or 007 as the same number... 7.


Hi Mike, could you do me a favor and delete all my posts concerning the new rules except the very last one about my conversation with Mr. Schatz. I would really appreciate it if you got the time, thank you.


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I'm curious to know what the rationale behind the 2.0 (1500psi) vs 2.4 (1000psi) helms was. Care to share?


I had decided after my last post (Informative conversation) that I wouldn't be posting any of my thoughts on this website again, but thought it to be rude not to reply to yours since I believe it was most likely directed at me.

I realize now I have been overly passionate in objecting to the new rules mainly because of the cost factor and the added hassle in meeting the new rules, plus I really did not want to drill holes in the bottom of my boat. This prompted me to continually post my objections to a point of "beating a dead horse" sort of speak.

I still don't know if it is in my budget (most likely not) to make all these changes, but if I don't make it to races next year it isn't because I don't believe in the new rules, it's because I could not afford it. This is why I am still leaving my boat up "for sale" and have not removed any ads.

All I will say now to your inquiring post is you call Mr.Schatz and have him explain his findings on these helms. Even though I understood what he was saying at the time, it would be much better for him to explain it to you personally.

He had given his phone number on here before so I don't think he would object to me giving it again, his # is 951-403-7775. Call him. He really came across to me as a man who truly cares about the COR class and it's drivers.

Now I believe this to be my last post on this website.

Good luck to all in the years to come.


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WOW! Mr Schatz must be very impressive to silence the pin of permalink. Thats ok Jim. I do understand. In the end all we wanna do is race and we conform to whatever rule is there. It`s that or no race at all. Been there many times in my 60 years.

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Scot says... 2.4 helm is faster than the 2.0, although it is less pressure, you only need 170 psi max to steering the boat under the highest load, so even 1000 psi is overkill in terms of psi.

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I believe Scot could be wrong. If it takes a degree of effort to turn the wheel with the 2.0 pump, I believe it will require more effort on the part of the driver if the "lock to lock" steering ratio is decreased (eg. 4:1 to 2:1) Again, i am no authority on hydraulic steering. Not saying that this cannot be done, just questioning the "need"! I don't believe I ever needed a full turn of the wheel to go in any direction under racing conditions in the past. Also, If we are looking at changes to the COR rules concerning the"roll" bar, please accelerate before I have "holes" punched in the bottom of my STV. I am certain the desirability of any boat with holes in the bottom will not appeal to most buyers, but here goes and whatever it takes. Rod

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I sent out to all the current COR members information about Sea Star technical information concerning matter today. If you did not get it and want me to forward it to you, let me know. Give me your E-mail address.