I think my CG is close. I found a prop that seems to run. Still fighting with 1.87 or 2:1 theory. I cant seem find a 2:1 to try/test. Seems everyone I've talk to is getting theirs LU worked on.

I've been told Puddingstone is a long course so the 1.87 is a better choice.

Anyone care to chime in on Reeds. Stock vs Aftermarket. I am currently running stock reeds, thinking of switching to aftermarket. What would be the benefits. Safer, ^Rpms, Power increase (low,mid,top end) Rejet, Durability?

Any suggestions on who's reeds to run, Boyesens, Chris Carsons, Mercury sport jet 4 or 5 peddle reeds, or any other secret reeds that might help a new guy try to close the gap on the front runners.

I believe the spectators who pay to watch us race enjoy competitive racing. Just a thought!!!!

Probably going to bring the RV to Puddingstone. I heard that we will be able to park close to the pits. Anyone else?
Keith B.

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I've run stock, sport jet (rubber coated) and Boyesen's in my Mercs. Never really noticed a difference in performance, but at idle the Boyesens seemed to give up sooner than metal. However, the big reason to run aftermarket (fiber) reeds is that if you break one, the motor will eat a fiber reed without hurting itself....but a metal reed will likely take out the head or piston, or both.

Al Stoker did some dyno testing with different reeds on the OMC motors and the Boyesens made the most power of what he tested. That's what I run in my OMC V8's.


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SoCal is great, we get a little rain and people loose their minds. We do need the rain. Anybody see fulsome lake. Wow! Are we going to have enough boats at puddingstone? I am bringing the RV along with Walt's for the weekend and will be BBQ nathans and burgers for whoever want's to hang and tell stories over some Coldeeeez. There seems to be some concern over the lack of activity of this site. I thought I would seek some input from the membership who have several more years if not decades of knowledge and experience. As always thanks for the response Keith. A ship can't go anywhere without a rudder. Just a thought

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I have a bucket seat that was donated for the "boat for a veteran" . It was all that was left of the donations that were stored in the HST when I picked it up. All of the other donations were claimed shortly after I put the word out that our veteran was not going to be able to drive. Any one wanting the seat is welcome to it as I have not heard from the donor. Rod

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Still looking for the return of my hot shoe pedal that was donated

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Still looking for the return of my hot shoe pedal that was donated

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The owner of the donated seat turns out to be the Caranza brothers. I have no idea where or who may have taken the hot shoe. One suggestion was that I look way up in the bow of the HST, so will do! Rod

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There was a reason I installed the "stock" reeds..........LOL

James Perry