Are COR boats rotten?


I just visited Boat racing website and I was more than a little concerned about a banner ad that rolls at the top of the forums. It says: "Old Mod VP boats never die, they just get rotten to the COR" Who would pay for such an ad? Is this a back-handed negative comment? I don't think I'm taking it wrong, should we as a group be offended?

I happen to like my "Old Mod VP boat" and there is nothing rotting on it

Kevin #234----no rot, I checked.

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If you click on that banner, it takes you to this site.

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it is intended to draw interest and be fun. lots of people interested in the cor class have rebuilt old boats... surprised anybody would be offended by the ad. if the vote is to take it down.

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If it works, leave it!

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To all COR racers: I didnot find the reference to rotten COR boats particularly offensive, however I may not be as sensitive as some others. You have to remember, Mike's STV is probably the most expensive boat in the COR class to date but the way it has "fallen apart", he may feel like it is rotten ( like you Mike, just jesting and trying to throw a little fun into the game). I do believe it is a unique method of getting interested persons over to and I would congratulate Mike Q on that note. I would also like to commend him on getting the COR web-site up and running in such short order after COR lost it's place on BRF. In my eyes, that could have been a fatal blow to
COR. On another positive note, I would like to thank Mike for all of the work he has done for the COR class. This kind of work does not come cheap, it takes time and a lot of "savvy". So, from me to you, Mike, a huge THANK YOU for all you have done for us! Rod Zapf , COR Chairman

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leave it

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So I didn't know clicking on the banner would lead to the COR website. Still most people I showed the ad to couldn't understand how it reflected on the COR class favorably. Maybe I'm more of a straight forward kind of guy. Why not say some thing like: "good fun, good fast racing without a ton a money, check out Classic Outboard Racing at, click here" Put this on top of a picture of a COR boat at full song,--- got my interest especially if I happen to own one. It seems so much advertising comes at you obliquely, I know I like the direct approach better.