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I thought it would be good to set a separate post for the agenda items. I have not had any suggestions as to a date and place other than my own suggestion of Palm Springs. Hopefully we can start a discussion on the agenda and I will add the items as they come up. There already have been some suggestions but I have lost them. Perhaps this thread will keep things more "in line".
1. change length requirements
2. points system
3. appoint a Promo Position

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TTT Our current system on this website requires a reply to the first thread to get it before the membership therefore: As the suggestions come in, I will continue to edit and add to this post so that we can somehow have a record of agenda items.
1. Minimum length requirements
2. Points System
3. Promo Position
4. Pre-determined races for points
5. How to score points for owner/members who run more than one boat through out the year.

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You are correct about having to post the first item and or it takes the system one hour to catch-up on new threads. The annual meeting thread is here:


Please note you can also start with the "Forums" on the upper left side menu. We four active Forums: Social Lounge (non-race events, history, pictures, anything fun) Boat Racing Events (threads dedicated to actual COR race events), COR Alerts (posts outside of the other forums that need immediate attention), Tech Talk (info about putting a COR boat together and how to make it run better).