If the 2 Liter class was a claimer class. Who would race?


Anyone scared of this rule is just buying a trophy.
How many 1350 twin turbo Merc'$ would you see?
That would make a safer race as well.
I think there might be a powerhead in this class that cost more than 3x what I invested in my boat motor lower unit and trailer.
Feel free to blow me up fellas.

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what r you smokin? this is an outboard class. no supercharged 1350s.

O boy. Nordic Bought their trophy by putting a Twin Turbo merc that cost Aaaallllooootttt! In a Bbbiiiiggggg boat!
They hosed me down twice!
Not in our class I know.
Just dumb to be on the same course.
My Core boat might be more competitive if I put 5 grand into the motor.
Racer yes. Smoker Not. Get it?

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i still don't really know whata talkin about.

all racing starts with prep and i ain't never seem a 2005 boat in these class pictures. what number boat u runnin?

u get her prepped right and hold ur foot down, you can win tim.

i plan to do the same.

I have a STV and a Baker Tunnel.
The STV Has to much motor and the Baker hits the water when the lake warms up. Will you be open to a fair race or will you be racing a $15000.00 plus boat as well?
The Baker pics are top secret.

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i still don't knew whata u ya talkin bout, looks like you got a really nice lookin stv and i am sure ya all pull the ladies with that one. i plan to run that hydrostream viper if she makes length. get me a full 150 hp out of that tower of power as the rules allow and she might eat those damm 2.0 liters with the lower weights n small er gear case. 1,500 not 15,000. Just lots a work.

You might be racing that Hydrostream against 80+ mph
Mod vp's.
If you do you and Johnie Sories can autograph my boat!
Its going to be to lite for the class for sure.

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Tim, sounds like you need to move your discussion to a Parker 300 site, not the COR site. Maybe you're confused about what we race since you haven't come watch or participated recently. ;)

BTW, COR100 has a lower weight limit than COR 2.0.


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hell tim you can run whata brung but ya have to get out on the water, sounds like ya gotta ur self lots of boats and money and talkin and ladies but ya got to put her on the water in order to enter the race. now who is this sories, never heard of him in these parts?

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Keith says you got an awesome deal on that 18' 6" Stoker out in Phoenix and dropped on 2.0 Liter? Let's see some pics! Or are you going COR 100? I'd race COR 100 as a claimer but be sure I would claim it back off you in the next race. Maybe we can all just donate $1000 and buy a pool of boats then draw straws?

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The question COR has-Is Havasu Tim a player or not? He has been sniff'n around the edges for the last couple of years but has yet to be a player with a "dawg in the fight"? He has proven he can drive a COR boat but can he stand the heat of fielding a boat of his own and it sounds like he has a couple of them. For that matter, there are a number of Havasuers in the same lane. I hear'm post'n but haven't seen their dawgs.??? 10 CORs at Ming?

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That's big talk considering you haven't raced COR in a year......just saying

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Sorry to hear a comment like that out of you JJ, You are always so positive. I ran a COR race last April. If you had been there you would have seen the CORs race. We ran the last two heats of the day in the cold, wet and windy lake Puddingstone. I was able to squeeze a win over 4 or 5 other CORs with the #30 right on my hip. The next heat was a reverse and Mike beat me while I rode on his hip. He won 1st overall by time, I took a second. It was a nasty cold, wet week-end. The next day I could not lift a case of oil, nor drive a car. I was taken to the local emergency service and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The next day was worse and ended in the emergency room with a blood clot that moved into my lungs. I spent the rest of the week in the hospital and the next 5 months under the care of a specialist who didnot want me in a race boat-(I think you can understand why) After getting off the Cumidon which for your young ears equates to rat poison I was cleared back into the race boat for the Parker 300 which I competed in. I am now getting ready for Lake Ming. You talk "big talk"? This is pretty strong for a guy who has never raced in a COR race nor to my knowledge ever raced a circle race in his life....just saying, with no anger ar malice intended, just the facts.

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I am sorry to hear you think my comment was "NOT POSITIVE" but in all honesty your continued comments on here towards numerous people including myself are getting quite old and you continuing to state how it was "back then" are also quite tiring. I like you but I think you should look back through your comments and evaluate how "POSITIVE" they were. So in closing to keep the attitude positive "which is how it needs to be to continue growing the class" I will no longer comment on anything any longer in a positive or negative form. See you at Bakersfield "Big Dawg"!!

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y'all cors got some fire in the belly! come down here to the south and drag race with the boyz and you'll see some good old country folk. either way i will be out there oct to put a whooping on all ya in my cor 100.

This website is my happy place, so you two guys that are trading barbs knock it off!!! Just for the guys that dont know it, Rod Zapt is one of the finest drivers ever to drive a raceboat! His days in the 5 and 6 liter inboard FLYING TIGER were legend. He could beat up the east coast guys pretty good and was/is one heck of a driver. I hope if I get to be his age, I still know what a boat is, let alone drive one in a 3 hour enduro. As a boat builder I'm always looking at and for good drivers, so I could say to JJ that I watched you at PARKER, liked what I saw, so you can drive my stuff anytime! You can for sure handle a raceboat! Great job. There, now we are all back to being NICE! All in fun guys.

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God Bless! the little baby jesus. I love you guys.