Several months ago the idea of inspections at some or all of our races was brought up and went largely unanswered. I have had several calls in the last few days asking about this issue and plan on getting resolution on this subject A.S.A.P. We have several ways to go on this. I believe that a winning boat should from time to time be inspected. I donot believe the winning boat should be inspected after each race that he/she wins. May be it should be the 2nd place boat, then the third place boat. I see no reason for the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc boat to be inspected. The ideal situation would be for the official inspector to take the initiative however this does not seem to be happening, so I am looking for answers from the competitors!!!! I suggest we settle on a person we hold as qualified and has the equipment to inspect. I have two persons in mind, one is Micky Scwarzenbach and the other is JJ Gibbs (as long as he is not competing in class). I plan to talk to Roger Carr and see if I can get an element of cooperation but as of yet I cannot get a phone call through to him. If no answer from him and direction from the COR members I will take the second step! My suggestion is we measure the careburetor venturi, pull one head and measure the CC's, check the bore size (.060 overbore being legal), ports , behind the liner intakes etc. Bottom height with relation to the prop shaft and flywheel. The inspection could also cover the rules which include COR LETTERING. I am not an inspector but I do have the equipment for measuring CCs, & venturi size . The scales will be at the race for the Winternationals. If you have suggetions, get on this with me--If anyone has a good number for our APBA inspector Roger Carr, please let me know. I had a nice talk with Jeanne Doidge this morning explaining our scoring method and asked if there was any way we could improve our relations with the race committe. She said yes, "please keep your people away from the judges stand--we are very busy. Whiners drive her over the cliff~ drivers reps only to the judges stand, to contact the race chairman or referee when they are not busy" CORS who jump the gun will not run an extra lap when the BLACK flag is flying they will be scored as last place or second from last according to their finish at the checker'd flag. Even boats disqualified will receive at least 100 points and the rest of the field will be scored in accordance with COR rules depending upon the number of boats racing. If qualification races are required due to the total number of boats entered, competitors will draw for the heat they are to run in. If there is an unequal number of boats, point system remains the same --call it the "luck of the draw" and DO NOT WHINE"!!!Trophies will be awarded in accordance with total points at the end of the regatta.

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Rod, Below and enclosed in this link are the official COR inspection rules:

Rule 3: Inspections

A. Safety inspection of the following (considered minimal)
1. Seat fastening
2. Steering system
3. Fuel tank mounting
4. Throttle returns/engine “kill” switches
5. Turnbuckles etc. for safety wire
6. Life jacket and helmet in compliance with APBA General Safety Rules
7. Obstructions that would prove detrimental to the safe operation of the boat.
8. Securely fastened bow eye and satisfactory tow rope.
9. Engine and boat inspection may consist of any checks of the following COR-2.0 / COR-100 rules. No further teardown is required unless a written protest accompanied by a one hundred dollar protest fee is presented to the referee within 30 minutes after the last contestant finishes the race. (See APBA rules concerning officials, protests and appeals)

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The inspections you are referring to are the safety inspection rules. Any of the technical COR rules are subject to inspection at any time. An example of this could be as simple as checking the carburetor venturi, however any/and all of the rules applying to the COR 2.0 are subject to inspection at any time as is stated in rule #9 Engine and boat inspection may consist of any checks of the following COR 2.0;COR -100 rules. (This rule refers to any and all COR rules which are subject to inspection at any time by an APBA inspector) This is then followed up by the COR technical rules all of which are subject to a normal inspection. All APBA contestants in any class are subject to and should be prepared to be inspected for compliance with the technical rules at any time. The safety rules are a MUST, subject to inspection at every race--inspection for compliance with technical rules are generally up to the referee and are almost a certainty at races such as the Winternationals. We are a local class and are subject to the same rules, In our particular case, with a race chaiman considering our class "local" and not worthy of the accepted APBA practice of inspection, we could then "police" ourselves. I would believe that every COR competitor would want to have their boat/engine inspected from time to time in the interest of fairness and sportsmanship, especially after winning what we have termed our WINTERNATIONALS. Thank you Michael for posting the rules and making them available for all. Comments please. Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

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IT IS OFFICIAL, Roger Carr, the APBA chief inspector has appointed Micky Schwarzenbach to the position of COR TECHICAL INSPECTOR. This has been long needed, thank you Roger for making the appointment and Micky for accepting the job. Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

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This sounds great. Good job Rod. Thanks Micky. Im glad everybody is on the same page with this. I look forward to competing on a level playing field.

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Sounds great! Now we know Mickey will have to attend all COR races. ;)


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Micky does not have to attend all COR races and he may or may not choose to tear down at every race. As in all APBA racing, it is up to his discretion as to what, where and who will be inspected. One thing is for certain, Micky has been involved in APBA racing his entire life. He has always been known to be fair and level-headed with no "axe to grind". I believe that he is the perfect inspector to work with Roger Carr, APBA'S Chief Inspector, to ensure a fair and level "playing ground" for all COR competitors. Rod Zapf, COR Chairman