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Rod, Luke wanted me to post this photo of the items you asked him to ship to Apple Valley Marine. Nice looking gauge package!

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Luke, Mike, thanks for the post on the gages. I will leave the present gages in the HST for the next racer. Hope you are making progress on your Sleek--I know it will be a thing of beauty! All your work is. ROD

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Rod, Just an FYI.... your gauges and the red "Fuel" switch for the Hallett, were shipped yesterday by FedEx 2nd day to Apple Valley.

Hope they work for ya!

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I talked to Luke Moore today. He and family are OK, just busy as all get out. He has moved and is having trouble getting his "stuff" into the new home! Once settled he will be able to go back to work on his Sleekcraft, but it may be awhile--"Family first" says Luke and we all know what that means! Rod

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Luuuukkkeeeee, LLLLuuuukkkeeee!! the crowd is cheering for your comeback.