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Transporting fuel

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 21:02
Anyone know the laws regarding transportation of fuel. I will need to bring my own fuel with me this year , but not sure how chp is going to like me driving down the hwy with a 55 gallon drum of E85 in the bed of my truck. How is everyone else transporting fuel. Was also thinking about a transfer tank but not sure yet.
Thanks in advance

1978 Centurion

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:23

New to older boats. I am trading an old car, for, what the owner calls, a 1978 centurion with a buick 231 v6 and omc outdrive. Ive tried to find info about the boat but no luck. Here are somepictures, any info or sources would be great

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BBF 4 Point Motor Mount Set Up

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:22
Glenwood Cast Aluminium 4 point motor mount set up in excellent condition. I would prefer not to ship this, local pick up only in La Habra CA 90631.


Please PM with any questions. Attached Images    

Mig Welder With Cart - Never Been Used

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:12
Helping a neighbor sell this thing, he bought it with every intention of using it but he never got around to it. It's virtually brand new.

He ordered it from an Eastwood catalog. They call it the 175 Mig Welder, it comes with everything except a tank. Requries a 220Volt Input.

$650obo. Please PM with any questions. Must be picked up in La Habra. Attached Thumbnails      

Woodworking Tools

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:05
Helping a neighbor of mine sell some tools, he used to be a cabinet builder/millworker by trade and asked me to help him "get rid" of some stuff.

Multiple tools available, all in excellent working order. All prices are "OBO" and can be picked up in La Habra, shipping is not an option. Please PM with any questions.

•Porter Cable Omnijig Dovetail Machine; Model # 5116 - $60
•Porter Cable Plunge Router; Model # 6902 - $60
•Porter Cable Plunge Router, Variable Speed w/ soft start; Model # 7539 - $125
•DeWalt Plunge Router (2 HP), Model # 621 - $60
•Makita Power w/ 3.25" blade; Model # N1900B - $30
•Tormek Water Cooled Grinder For Tool Sharpening; Model # Super Ground 2000 - $150
•Hitachi 4.5" Disc Grinder; Model # 6125 - $40
•Delta 52" Unisaw (3 HP Motor and 220 Volt) Mobile rolling Base, extended outfeed rollers. Dado set and Tenoning Jig included - $500
•Porter Cable Brad Nailer (.75"-2" Brad capacity); Model # BN200 - $100
•Cabinet Lift Jack - $150 Attached Thumbnails          

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Opend End Wenches

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 20:02
This is stuff I think about...who desinged and knew the proper angel, when useing a open-end wench
They allways seem to fit..

Alternator bracket help!

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:28
So I'm running an chevy 350 with a front motor plate no motor mount. Short water pump. I'm looking for an alternator bracket. I can't run a low mount because doesn't line up with the plate there and the plate is in the way of adjusting it. Only ones I find mount to water pump and I don't have one or there $80+ and I don't wanna spend that. That's where it was but is destroying belts and isn't turning good cause can't get enough adjustment Any help??

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Ben Carson

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:13

Mike and Molly

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 17:37
We used to like this show quite a bit.
Last season, while Molly was still a teacher, she was spewing some liberal idealism to her students and one of the kids spoke up saying that his Dad that the things she was saying was exactly what was destroying the Country.

Her reply was a smart assed: "I love when the parents try to help".

That at really bugged me, and I almost quit watching.
Last week, the show started with Mike and his patrol partner Carl (they are Chicago cops, both flat broke with Mike living in his MIL basement) writing up a report on there "heroic" actions of arresting a "Dirtbag from Kentucky" that had weapons in his car trunk.
They had come across him changing a flat tire with his trunk open.
They went on at length about the despicable gun owner, with NO other mention of any other violation.

I have been thinking a lot about this, and have decided that Mike and Molly will no longer be watched in this house.
Anyone else catch that?

HELP iintake manifiold needed

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 17:03
OK, I cleaned up the suburban motor, hone, bearing, rings, cam... Put a set of 990 heads on. Now I need a standard deck, single plane, square bore, rectangle port intake to buy cheap, or borrow for the summer. then it gets yanked and the turbos go in.

Heading to Havasu next week.

Any one?


Burley IDAHO REGATTA 2014!!

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 16:05
Hey everyone its Joe Dilworth. I am on the regatta committee and we are looking for a boat count for the following classes.....










1 Liters

2.5 Liters



These were on the sanction last year which we are curious about below....




Please let me know as soon as possible and spread the word if you all would.

Thank you all so much

-Joe Dilworth CJ717 If you have any questions you can email them to:

Mono strut wing for boat 37 x 12 (435 sq. in.)

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 15:23
Small mono-strut wing off of a boat. It is 37" wide by 11.75" (435 sq. in.). Spill plates are about 14 x 7. Streamline tubing strut with one adjustment tube. There is a tubing-lined bung in the middle of the strut for additional lateral support. $250 + shipping. Located near Dana Point. (949)248-0083 or Attached Thumbnails      

You decide if we are in trouble . . .

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 14:27

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Capsule boats wanted

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 13:25
I'm looking for a couple of capsule boats to run - single lane - 800 foot exhibition passes on the rogue river in grants pass, oregon on memorial day weekend. Boats are paid for runnng. Give me a call if you are interested. 541-659-7704

place craft style headers

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:46
Debating on whether or not to buy new headers really like the looks of rewarders place craft style how are they compared to bassett twist

The Vitriol of the Left

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:43
Joan of Bark:

I don't get Fox, so any of you Foxbots ;) see anything even close to this on Fox News? I seriously doubt it!

!!!!!!!!Dart 18 degree bbc heads, t and d rockers- new steve schmidt valve covers !!!

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:26
All for $2950 . Heads have titanium intake and exhaust valves. t and d rockers look to be in excellent condition. brand new polished fabbed steve schmidt valve covers

shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482 Attached Thumbnails      

Dart Aluminum 355 CNC Heads 121 cc

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:19
I had my heads cleaned up about .003" and I am trying to find out how much that has changed the cc's so I can figure out the compression.The head's are Dart Aluminum 355 CNC Heads 121 cc

[For Sale] 1954 Chevy 3100 5 Window

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 11:29

1954 Chevy 3100 truck, great driver, I use this truck almost every weekend as my daily driver. All Orignal, 6cyl, 4 speed on the floor. Everything works! if you are looking for a dependable classic truck, this is it! $13,900 or possible trade.


Thu, 04/17/2014 - 11:17
I'm in need of a set of BBC logs. Looks like one of my Hardin logs is cracked internally.
I'm in the stockton area and don't mind driving or paying shipping.