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1998 Stand up jetski FOR SALE

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:14
1998 Kawi SXI pro stand up. Very clean, lots of upgrades. Black jack carbs, intake manifold, Delta force Carbon reeds, aftermarket pistons, ADA billet head with interchangeable domes, MSD total loss ignition, R&D pipe and manifold, Skat trak impeller, R&D plate, racing loader grate, bars, grips, throttle, hydro turf pads etc etc etc. Domes are setup for race gas new domes could be had to run pump gas.

Fast ski and handles insane.

$2400 firm, stock ski this clean appraises at $3000 plus. I want it gone, building a new toy.

pics are sideways AGAIN. Text me for better pics if interested

949-294-1394 Attached Thumbnails  

Apba points?

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 19:10
Tryin to figure out how you are scored in the gps 95 class. Went to burley ran three heats of racing for the weekend. Score a second place finish in all three heats. No one ran a fourth heat because of the wind. By my calculations I got 285 points for the weekend. Next race was black lake in olympia,wa. Won three heats and dq'd one heat for going to fast. Oops. Three first place finishes equals 300 points. Looked on apba website and I'm only showing a total of 380 pts. Had legal starts in all races. Can someone explain this please. Thanks Jeff PS35

Extra BBC parts for sale

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:53
I have a lot of parts that I no longer need and need to pass on to others
MSD distributor p/n 8571- Brass gear, Mechanical tach drive provision, cap, MSD wires, comes with coil. All you need is a box......................$200
(1) Water tight fitting for Place diverter Hyd lines- $3
(2) Brass 90* fittings for Place Diverter hyd lines- $6
REX Marine trim switch- $40
Crank pulley for BBC. I have shaved the back down to miss my mechanical fuel pump on my injection. It will still fit a standard balancer, its just thinner.- $5
Gold Anodized Throttle pedal- $25
One wire Alt that came right off my Daytona- $50

I still have some other parts that were for sale before.

Crower Mech fuel injection BBC- $3000
Alt std hook up- $30
Berk "E" stock nozzle- $15
Water/Fuel Separator mount- $10
*****All prices are for pick up only. I will ship if you pay for the ride

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1976 witchcraft.

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:17
76 witchcraft banshee / runabout
77 mercury 850 thunderbolt 85hp
New wire harness, ignition and stator
Trailer has new tires and lights
Runs great . Starts on first crank
No leaks

Why Choose Fote Gypsum Briquette Press Machine?

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:16
A new generation of desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine, can be all kinds of powder, powder materials, waste, difficult to forming a one-time forming technology, the finished ball between 20-80 - mm in diameter, and the percent of pass is 85%, the compressive strength of 30 n. This desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine is mainly used for processing power plant desulfurization gypsum and phosphate fertilizer plant phosphorus gypsum waste materials such as, the desulfurization gypsum pressed into the ball, can save industrial waste gypsum accumulation of a large number of cultivated land, prevent the potential pollution of the environment by. The finished ball can supply to cement plant, instead of natural gypsum as cement retarding agent used, recycles waste.
This briquette machine has a longer life, fote machienry desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine structure is compact, maintenance, simple manipulation, short process flow, low energy consumption, low failure rate, the main roll departments adopt 9 chrome vanadium molybdenum 2 hard material (patent) greatly enhance the wear resistance and the ability to withstand voltage, make its have longer service life. Without adding glue, pressed into the ball at a time.

Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball press machine high moisture content of desulfurization gypsum can be pressed into the ball at a time, do not add any adhesives, purity guaranteed, forming directly, without further drying process, is more advantageous to the cohesion and upgrading of existing processes.Into a ball high strength, suitable for all kinds of transportation, reduce packaging capital, advance product transportation ability; Through forming after desulfurization gypsum don't stick on the ground after put into the mill, such as impact mill production purpose. New desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine is absolutely is the good news of the masses of customers, to produce more and more customers trust.
And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant,
wheel mobile crushing and screening station and superfine slag powder production line and so on. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us:
mineral powder briquette making machine: Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine/Mineral Powder Briquetting Press/Mineral Powder Briquette Machine-Fote Ball Press Machinery

Wanted 8 mm blower pulleys

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:31
I am looking for a 8 mm blower pulley... 61T,62T,63T,64T. Any help would be appreciated

1968 Sanger wood deck project boat $ 350

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:22
68 Sanger woodie, bought this as a winter project, But now another boat fell into my lap Heres what i have.. Pulled ply off deck, Sub structure looks good, needs stringers and floors, Comes with menkins box. bench seats, Shaft/rudder logs etc. just lookin to get what I have outta it $ 350 can throw in a rusty V&m trailer for a $ 150 extra... Good cheap project for some one with a few skills. hate to chop it into a bar or something, post pics tonight ebd

Want to buy Advantage Sport Cat

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 17:13
Looking for a clean Sport Cat 22 with big horsepower preferably blown. I like them with subtle graphics rather than the ones with checkered flags all over them. Looking to spend under $30k. Show me what you've got and how much you are asking. Thanks!

Canvas shops in Havasu???

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:37
Looking for a good shop in Havasu to make a cover and bimini top. Looking for something comparable to custom canvas or A1 canvas in CA.

Team amsoil resurfaces with teague powered supercat in saint clair

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 16:34


Following a year-and-a-half hiatus from offshore powerboat racing, Team AMSOIL Offshore Racing was assembled for duty in Saint Clair, Michigan for the 20th annual Bluewater Offshore Racing Association’s Saint Clair River Classic! They brought the same tried and true silver Skater 368 fans are familiar with, except with a little bit more firepower under the hatches. Teague Custom Marine has been working for months rerigging the boat and building two pairs of the “750 HP” specification engines to campaign the boat in the new SuperCat and SuperBoat classes. The engines, built with the best of the best from CP Pistons, World Blocks, Brodix Heads, ATI Dampers, Carillo Rods, Holley Carburetors, Jesel Cam Drives, T&D Rocker Arms, Isky Lifters and Springs, Manley Valves, CMI Exhaust, and MSD Ignition, are specially designed and configured to maximize performance given the class specs, while retaining the durability to run at 7000 RPM at wide open throttle, indefinitely. The boat was completely refreshed, reconfigured, and rerigged with a Dry Sump Oiling system from Stef’s, mechanical pressure gauges and digital trim indicators from Livorsi, Lifeline safely harnesses, digital air/fuel meters, and a double stage regulated fuel system from Weldon. The SuperCat minimum weight of 9500 lbs, up from the SuperCat Light minimum weight of 8350 lbs, mandated the addition of 750 lbs of lead ignots for the now smallest boat in the SuperCat fleet to be heavy enough to make weight, even with additional lead shot bags and fuel.

Suffice to say: with 1600 Horsepower, 7000 RPM, 1.61:1 gear ratios, 9500 pound minimum weight, and a completely different range of propellers, this was going to be a whole new ballgame for the AMSOIL Offshore race team. The boat was finished just days before the trip from California to Michigan, and without a local crane or marina in California, the team dropped the boat in the water for the first time at River’s Bend Marina in Saint Clair, the home base of competitor Cleveland Construction. For her maiden race, veteran Bob Teague would retain his throttling duties, while his son John would step in to drive. They took the boat out for a shakedown run, checking and setting pressures, temperatures, and fuel mixture for the first time outside of the dyno room. After fixing a few minor bugs and making a few minor adjustments, they ran again, and were generally pleased with how the boat performed. The team was unsure of how the additional weight would affect the drivability of the Skater, but their fears were not realized, as the boat was if anything, showing more potential than it had in the SuperCat Light Configuration.

On Friday the team scoured the entire boat. They tightened every fitting, every bracket, every belt, every nut and bolt. They double secured and rechecked all the rigging and adjusted the valve lash. Further weight, carburetion, and instrumentation adjustments were made. By the time the team had completed their work, the course permit was closed. Undeterred from a final shakedown, Bob and John took the boat out for a pretesting test on Saturday at 7:30 AM, serenading the American and Canadian coasts with the Teague Custom Marine Supercat engines singing at 7000 RPM. Many Drivers thanked the team for the wakeup call so they were not late to the driver’s meeting. Official testing went well, with the Team turning laps with a few different propeller and weight setups. The conditions through the day degraded with a building upriver wind that made for snotty water in the late afternoon. Lap time comparisons confirmed that right out of the box, the new setup was competitive.

Sunday’s race started at 3:45 with the AMSOIL 368 Skater lining up against the Broadco 40 MTI and the 388 Skaters of Cleveland Construction and Phoenix Parts. AMSOIL was in lane 3 with Broadco then Phoenix Parts inside of them. The conditions were smooth and wind was westerly and minimal, which would make for fast and dicey racing on the right-hand modified oval. On the drop of the green flag, all four boats drag raced down the Saint Clair boardwalk to turn one and entered the turn almost side by side.

Broadco would come out first, with AMSOIL on their outside quarter, and Phoenix Parts to the inside about a length behind that. Broadco pulled away about a length in the first half of the straight, but the AMSOIL Skater was charging up behind in the second half of the straight. For the first two laps, Broadco owned the inside line, hitting every pin religiously. Eventually, they left one late apex pin open and Team AMSOIL dove the boat behind Broadco on the inside. Team AMSOIL was making good time running a line in combination with Broadco’s, but soon lap traffic came into play which hindered Team AMSOIL from making a late race charge. Team AMSOIL finished in a strong 2nd Place, only 17 seconds behind Broadco over the 12 lap race. Although they didn’t win, the Teams feels that the weekend was an overall success given it was their first outing in an entirely different racing vehicle. The Teague Custom Marine engines and rigging performed flawlessly and even after a hard high-RPM smooth water race, the bilges were clean of oil or debris. The whole team gained valuable setup experience that will hopefully contribute to fielding a championship effort in the new Supercat Class.

Team AMSOIL would like to congratulate Chuck Broaddus and Grant Bruggermann for running an excellent and clean race in the Broadco boat. The whole team is excited to be in a new class to compete with more teams like theirs.

AMSOIL’s great sponsorship package, dedicated racing department team, and superior lubricants all make it possible for Team AMSOIL Offshore Racing to achieve success! Team AMSOIL is “one of the most accomplished offshore racing teams ever” and has captured the prestigious Stugots Cup, awarded to the Team for an OPA Overall High Points Championship in 2011.

The AMSOIL Dominator Racing Oil continues to be proven as the best choice for all extreme performance marine engines. The Team has also proven that the absolute best oil for a Mercury dry-sump VISSM drive is AMSOIL Severe Gear for the ultimate in gear protection with minimal parasitic power loss. Teague Custom Marine is an authorized AMSOIL dealer and offers the complete line of high performance lubricants in its store and for purchase over the phone. There are also opportunities available for you to become a dealer!

See you at the races!
Next Stop: Port Huron, MI - August 8-10

Official AMSOIL Site: Home
Official Race Series Site: OPA Racing

Official Teague Custom Marine Site: Marine Engines & Performance Marine Parts | Teague Custom Marine
Follow both Teague Custom Marine & AMSOIL Offshore Racing #77 on FaceBook!

Photos provided by:
Paul Kemiel at Paul Kemiel Photographics
Pete Boden at Shoot 2 Thrill
Steve Lippencott

Liberty splash guard

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 15:57
I've got a blue splash guard the came off my Liberty. It measures approx. 56" wide and 7 1/2" high around the back. No extra holes drilled, just a nice clean piece $150

Jet Pump Legend 4 sale

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:21
Please call for info 702-809-9947 Tim Attached Thumbnails    

MFI Gurus

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 12:09
Running a bird on a BBC, blown, AV gas, 12#'s boost.
I have a dedicated starter nozzle on a rocker switch to prime until the MFI pump kicks in.
Few months ago took one last "leisurely" cruise before putting it on the trailer...but then legged it a little too much and ran low on gas causing the pump to cavitate off idle and die so I decided I could idle back on the starter nozzle, worked great and looked fat so I wasn't worried about burning it down idling back.

Next trip would not idle on the MFI pump at the ramp. Started right now on the primer but wouldn't idle when I turned the primer nozzle off.
BV was leaking pretty good and I carry a rebuild kit so rebuilt the BV, BV perfectly clean, no leak but still no idle.

Figured I hurt the MFI pump maybe running it dry and had a friend coming the next day who lives right by Enderle so ordered a new pump.
Better but still off. Messed with the BV until I got it to idle (turned 6-7 flats) got it to idle and run but still not right. Started cleaning all lines nothing visible anywhere but when I got to all the hat lines and cleaned all the nozzles with carb cleaner it went fat. Backed the BV back off four flats and will idle but doesn't sound right and not as crisp a throttle response.
Plugs looked OK, one season on them, but replaced them all to no effect.
Dropped the old pump off this morning and Jim just called and said the old pump was perfect

Will start replacing braided lines and see if I find a problem.

Anywhere else I should look?

At least I have a spare pump now.:D

Legend jet pump 4 sale

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 11:59
please call Tim at 702-809-9947 Attached Thumbnails    

I crossed over to the "dark side".

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 11:09
Hey guys, Its been a while since I have posted anything on here and I hope everyone doing well.
I still can't believe I did this but the opportunity presented itself along with a price I couldn't say no to so I pulled the trigger. So sitting in my garage right next to my Sanger SuperJet and my supercharged Sunsation 32 Dominator is a 21ft Eliminator Daytona with a Mercury 2.4 EFI Bridgeport. I have always wanted a Daytona with an outboard and now I have it,but I can tell ya my wife isn't exactly thrilled about this thing at all. Friday will be my maiden voyage with the new toy and I can hardly wait.

Here are a few pics of the new toy and the rest of the fleet. The garage is officially at capacity. Attached Thumbnails          

Getting ready for break in

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 10:17
At Straubs recommendation I have ordered some Brad Penn break in oil...any recommendation on an oil filter for a BBC for break in?

Under 23' 1997 Ultra 20XT Tunnel with 225 Promax

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:48
I purchased this boat earlier this year from another member for $15,500. I have since put another $1200 into it having the motor fully serviced (water pump, lower end oil, fuel filter, etc) and a new high five prop for skiing. Also have a Mazco prop for speed if thats more your thing. Unfortunately my wife doesn't share the same passion for this boat so we bought a pontoon. My loss is your gain.

This is a one of a kind boat. it has a Southwind tunnel bottom mated to an Ultra top. Built by John West of Ultra. 225 Mercury Pro Max has less than 30 hours since rebuild. Sports master lower unit with new seals and gears, Sea Star hydraulic steering with blinker style trim. Gelcoat and interior are original and are a 9+ out of 10. This boat has been exceptionally cared for. Runs 70+ but is also a great ski boat. Must see to appreciate. Please contact Greg at 713-248-2862 for more info.

boat is located in Austin, TX. Attached Thumbnails          

[For Sale] 1997 Ultra XT Tunnel with 225 Promax

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:42
I purchased this boat earlier this year from another member for $15,500. I have since put another $1200 into it having the motor fully serviced (water pump, lower end oil, fuel filter, etc) and a new high five prop for skiing. Also have a Mazco prop for speed if thats more your thing. Unfortunately my wife doesn't share the same passion for this boat so we bought a pontoon. My loss is your gain.

This is a one of a kind boat. it has a Southwind tunnel bottom mated to an Ultra top. Built by John West of Ultra. 225 Mercury Pro Max has less than 30 hours since rebuild. Sports master lower unit with new seals and gears, Sea Star hydraulic steering with blinker style trim. Gelcoat and interior are original and are a 9+ out of 10. This boat has been exceptionally cared for. Runs 70+ but is also a great ski boat. Must see to appreciate. Please contact Greg at 713-248-2862 for more info.

boat is located in Austin, TX. Attached Thumbnails          

Anyone know Roger Dotson?

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:39
He was the original owner of my 1978 Daytona 19, he took delivery of it in November of 77. I am restoring it to new and it would be cool to connect with the guy.

Thanks, Walt

GM BB cylinder blocks

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 08:08
I am in the process of building a new motor for my TX-19. I have found a complete mercury marine 502 Bow Tie gen IV engine for $5500. It come with all the stern drive equipment that I don't need so I could sell that and recoup some of my initial expense. The motor has little time on it. It was a test motor from Mercury marine in Stillwater OK. It was never installed in a boat. I have been looking at SDP and the idea of starting new seems to be about the same cost since I have a set of Brodix heads that Kevin Self has worked, I also have intake and cam so there would be more stuff off the MM 502 I could sell or don't need.

What are the differences in the new blocks? GM sportsman cast iron bowtie 19212192, GM 502 bowtie 19212191, GM tall deck CNC bowtie 19212197 and the 4.494 tall deck 25534364. I understand the one and two piece rear main seals and the nodular vs steel main caps but other than that it seem like they are all alike except the tall vs short deck heights. the cost very by a grand, is there gen VI vs gen IV differences in these blocks. Also the Dart block cost about the same.

What is the max bore on the MM 502 test motor, does it have provision for mechanical fuel pump? what about the above listed blocks, I know the CNC block does not or didn't because I have one in my Cheyenne.

Sorry so long just cant decide which way to go. Thanks, Jay