lower units/ gearcase's


What are leagle gearcases for COR2.0
Sportmaster? CLE? or just a stock case with a nose cone and low water pickup (bob's cone)?

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Any of the shiftable units, including the sportmaster, CLE, standard, with or without a nose cone . Check the COR rules on this web site to get the exact dimensions. Any one interested in racing th COR boats should familiarize themselves with the rules. At inspection time, the buck always stops with the guy driving the boat. I heard, he said, never passes muster! Read the rules.

READ The rules!, Thats why I'm posting this. As the rules say ''Lower units must be produced by the OEM for the powerhead in use.'' Did'nt think that merc made a sporty or CLE for a XR2???
Also have a question about cutting of heads. Can we cut stock heads to produce 26cc's? or do we need to find ones that are 26cc's from tha factory?

The intent of the rule is that gearcases must come from the same engine family. No inline 6 or 4 merc units, and none from other makes (OMC, etc)

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you may cut the stock heads so as to arrive at 26cc's. Be careful cutting the XR-2 heads, I believe they come stock at 28cc's. Mea Culpa, I re-read the rules myself and I can see where there could be some confusion, Yes, you can use a shiftable lower unit that comes in the form of a CLE, or the blunt nose, etc. It must be shiftable from the cockpit and must measure 4.7 inches in diameter just forward of the prop. Many people believe that the blunt nose L/U is faster than the pointed nose up to approximately 85-88 mph where "blow-out" may begin to occur.

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I have a set of dowel pin heads, 26cc, resurfaced $250 TYD

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If Foster brings the crane hoist (and I think he will, but no guarantees) all of the COR boats present will have the opportunity to get weighed in accordance with the rules. At this time, we have Kevin, Emilio, Soares, fully committed. I am at the 85% level, followed by Caranza, Ronkainen, Euwing, Mike Q, Apple Valley / Hill Marine, and first time entry Walt Hollis. Could be a pretty good turn-out. No information on entry fees at this time, but motor home parking is 100 bucks. The racing boats and tow vehicles will probably get a "sock" of 20 bucks or so. I owe a couple of the racer's a refund on their COR stickers so in lieu of the refund, I will probably bring a few cases of Miller Time as suggested. You who are in the know, rest easy, the rest of you it's BYOB time! Plan on some bench racing time as the sun sets in the west! Rod

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The Delta Boat Racing Club has moved their race up to the beginning of October to make room for the "300" at the end of October. We had talked about making the Isleton Race the "race of the year" for the COR boats, in the form of Divisionals or even the COR Nationals. The DBRA Commodore is looking to us for a commitment. I need to hear from you guys who would be willing to go that "extra mile" for a quality race and most likely the last race of the APBA season. We should have nearly 9 qualified COR voters after the Puddingstone race. I would submit that a majority in this case would constitute a decision to include or not the Isleton race. Please submit your thoughts either by phone, e-mail, or on the web-site. Rod COR Chairman

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I had a good time last year at this race, the people treat you great, and it is a quite little town that really rocks for that weekend. The problem is that it is really long drive and it is less than a month away from the enduro. Last year they promised us prize money, as well as tow money and nobody received a nickle to defray their expenses. This year may be different, but I wouldn't head to the bank counting on money you might win or earn racing in Isleton. If gas continues to climb out of sight, this race could be even more costly in terms of time and money. It may also conflict with the Bakersfield race as last year it was held on the same weekend as Isleton is proposing this year. Since this race is outside of our district and everyone would be forced to travel a long ways to attend I would suggest that we not attach a "divisional" or "national" title to it. If all the legal COR boats are currently racing in District 12 why would you hold a national race anywhere else?

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At this time, the voting is 2 to 2, Carranza, Soares for Isleton, Mike Q, Taylor against Isleton. Kevin has a good point, it is a long distance and would cut some of the racers out just based on travel time and cost. There are about 4 more votes that need to be counted. I don't have a time table for the votes to come in but would like to see a "show of hands" sooner rather than later. The Bakersfield race is planned for the 2nd or 3rd week end in September, maybe that would be the right time for a COR Divisionals/Nationals. Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

I would like to support the Islton race, but agree that it's too far from our "center" for the Nationals.