My boat arrives thursday


Transport company delivering it to Havasu Thursday. Can't wait. 86 Mirage out of Texas I found on craigs list.

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Congratulations Walt. Who did you get to transport the boat? Did you find a powerhead? Are you interested in a brand new sst120 powerhead still in the crate?

How much are you asking for the power head?
Is it a complete drop on?

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Doug Parks is a transport guy used quite a bit on , I found a guy who needed his boat brought from LA to Texas, so it cut our costs in half.

As far as the motor goes, there are a million different options and opinions on the subject, I need to gather alot more information and ask a bunch more questions before I decide which route to go on the engine package. I am not even 100% sure on what mods have been done to the engine on there now, I know its not a 2.0, so I need to figure out if I am going to sell it as a whole or just change out the powerhead to a 2.0. Basically I need to look over whats good on it and whats bad so to speak when it arrives.

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Make sense Walt. The brand new sst120 I have is in an unopened mercury crate. Motor is fully dressed and ready to go left hand. Factory new. 6500 TYD