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I have been doing some testing in Nevada/Arizona on Lake Mohave and it is really quiet here on the Sundays I normally go on. I would like, once again, to offer Dave and Tim C. some help getting their Sleek moving a little faster. I haven't been so busy that I couldn't take a couple of weekend days off for some testing, if you guys want to come for the weekend and drag the Sleek up for a little test and tune. This could be fun. I have this great body of water, that is largely unoccupied, to myself. Last fall, Emilo, Keith, Tim and I set up some "bouys" to turn around and used a stop watch to see who could turn the fastest laps. It was great fun and we all learned a thing or two about the boats and setup. We also took the video camera as well as the GO Pro cameras which provided Saturday night's entertainmet. (where we "criticized" each others driving skills or lack thereof)

If any of the COR guys think this might be a good idea you are welcome to call me and arrange a time, it looks like we won't be racing until March so now's the time to have fun with your boat without paying an entry fee. I also have a good selection of race props that are available for testing and like the old movie line; "I know what goes where, and why."

Call me at the Shop 702 564 7502


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I would like come out and test. March sounds like a good time frame. Thanks and looking forward to day of boating.

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Kevin, that proposal is wonderful. I think it would be a great time for as many of us as possible to come over, test, maybe even take a "second" person for a ride in one of our boats, picnic and have a great week-end. Your offer to try props is also very generous. I've got to admit, you are turning into one helluva good guy, Keep it up! Rod

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Kevin that sounds like fun Tim and I would like that .

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Don't know how much time you have or how willing you would be but would you consider hosting (no cost to you) a week-end of "play" for any of the race boats (A-C hydros etc. ) as well as the COR's or would that get too complicated? Sure would be a great way for all of us to get tro know each other. I might even "spring" for the hot dogs! Rod

This sounds like fun. My boats are just down river in Bullhead City.

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I don't know about the A hydros, my plan was to launch at Willow beach, drive 9 miles south to one of my favorite beaches and practice there. I will launch my Formula (22 Ft) for a chase boat/tow boat that will be the floating headquarters and mobile tool chest. I think it might be prudent to have your safety gear, so don't forget that. Now to pick a date, I think it will be hard to pick one date that works for everyone, so I would consider doing this more than once. Everyone interested should look at their calender and maybe post dates that would work for them. Then we could choose the most popular dates. I was also considering having the preceeding Friday as "Machanics" day, that is a day at the shop to look carefully at the engines and setup on the boat.

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I don't want to get into your thunder by posting, but I think you have absolutely great ideas and anyone who doesn't want to jump on it is making a huge mistake! Maybe I should spend a day at your machanics school before I try putting an engine together--I certainly have a lot of parts since the Parker race. It would be a great week-end for potential COR racers. Rod

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Kevin called me today and told me about this thread and his idea. It really did help us out at the Parker 300 last year, to get some seat time and try different things and find out who came up with the fastest line and how the rest of us could mimic that.

Kevin, I can also drag the Scarab down as another support boat, should we need it. Just let me know what weekend(s) you're thinking. :)


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President's day weekend--this would offer an extra day (Monday) for travel/rest who can make it? February 18,19

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I am certain that any date you "throw out", some people will have trouble making. I suggest you pick the best day for yourself, post it and go with it! I, for one, have my crankshaft on the bench. waiting for my powerhead to be honed, and don't have any idea when I'll have it together, could be months. I would think that the Caranza's and the new member Greg Ronkainen would be very excited about your super offer to help them with their speed quest. You must have a few more mph left in your bank also! Rod

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The National APBA convention is over. New rules governing COR racing should be on the new website. I have not been able to find COR on any of the Special Event articles, however the Special Events Chairman insists that the new site may be a little behind as he is unable to find them either.

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Sounds like a good idea. Unforunately I will not be available that weekend. Let me know if there is another time. As a note, I do have access to a large lot with a double wide trailer in Search Light next to Cottonwood Cove. Could use as base of operations for future trip out there.

Flying Finn (Greg Ronkainen)

Flying Finn (Greg Ronkainen)