Salton Sea Speedweek

January 20, 21 & 22, 2012 - Salton Sea Speedweek featuring the APBA/UIM Kilo’s & Offshore Powerboat Race (RPM/POPRA) (tentative)-

The fastest body of water on earth - the Salton Sea, which sits 227 feet below sea level and 1.5 times the saline content of the ocean will once again be the site of the APBA/U.I.M. World Speed Records attempts. This storied body of water has seen more world speed records since records have been kept.

Final plans are underway for this World Speed Records and Offshore Powerboat Race which are scheduled for January 20, 21 & 22.

For more info or questions please contact RPM Racing Enterprises at (310) 318-4012
or Pacific Offshore Powerboat Racing Association

If you are interested in participating and or want to be involved as an advertiser/sponsor or volunteer please contact
Ross Wallach (310) 318-4012
Troy Juve (951) 757-0839

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APBA will not allow the COR boats to run for speed records. Their reasoning is that we are a designated 80 mph class and as such will not be covered by insurance. As I understand it, the SpeedWeek has been postponed at this time. If a new date for SpeedWeek becomes a reality, I would hope that all of the COR members "pitch in" to help Ross make the Speed week a successful event. We have also been invited to assist Mike Q at the forthcoming LA Boatshow. Rod Zapf COR Chairman.