Congratulations to Mike

We had a great time in Bakersfield, Mike had a great weekend winning 4 of 6 heats. His STV was great in the corners, I would know as I followed him around more than I would like to admit. Kudo's to Mike, if this was his first honest race in a boat, I think it might be in the genes.

I had some practice time, got a chance to try out some different props and do my imitation of Johny Soares, He panned it though, said in order to be a really good imitation I should have never trimmed it down. Eventually, I found a prop that I could get around the corners and found some redemption in the last heat. Hats off to Mike though, he was the man to beat in Bakersfield.

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The #88 & the #45 boats are leaving for Isleton tomorrow, hoping to get some test time on Friday. This will be my last call for COR boats, Please reconsider the effort to make this race! l have gone over the many reasons to make the rather long trip to Isleton but none seems more important than helping these people put on a good race.

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Rod, I want nothing more that to go to Isleton. I just don't have the time off from work. If I was invovled in the series earlier, I would have know to request Thursday, Friday and Monday off from work. As well, I need to make a repair on my boat after Ming. With that said, if the owner of the 28 boat can drag it up, I will fly up and drive on Saturday and Sunday. Does this help?

BTW, Thanks to Kevin for the kind words on Ming.

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Hey Mike, I completely understand, no need to make any apologies. Hope you didn't tear that beautiful boat of yours up! I just hope that we can put on a race for those folks, they have really tried hard to make this race a success. It would be really great if you could get that #28 boat up there--no sense leaving it sit out in the desert when it could be helping COR boat racing.

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We hope to leave early tomarrow, maybe even get some time on the water, as I have a new prop to try out. Still I won't be breaking the speed limit, just happy enough to get there safely and in one piece. See you guys there!

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i know the town is going to be waiting for you guys too put on show. i will have to wait to hear the stories later. mike