COR Boat/trailer for sale

There is what appears to be a very good looking Baker/Stoker mod vp boat, complete with a nice looking trailer and a 2.5 on the transom for 3800 bucks. Remove and sell the 2.5 powerhead, replace it with a 2.0 powerhead and you could have a very competitive COR boat. The boat is listed on Scream and Fly, boats under 20 feet and is located in Oceanside Ca. There are also a number of other boats that would fit in the COR 2.0 class (Southern Cal) for sale also--boat/trailer only types.

86 Sleekcraft complete race ready, stock merc 150,low water pickup gearcase,nice trailer. $4000.00 obo. No powerhead or gearcase, $2500.00 call John Soares (909) 882-0968