Long Beach Race (2013)

As with tradition dating back to 1946, it is time the blow the cobb webs out of the carburetors for the 2013 Long Beach Sprint Nationals at Long Beach Marine Stadium in sunny Southern California.

For those out of the area, this is a great excuse to take the wife, kids, or grand kids for a trip to Disneyland. Simply tell them you are not feeling well, drop them them off at the main gate, wave goodbye to Mickey Mouse and head over Alamitos Beach for the live circle boat racing presented by the Southern California Speedboat Club (SCSC).

Whether it is the thunderous roar of the inboards, the high pitch whine of the outboards or the sandy beaches, this will surely be the place to be for the August 3rd and 4th weekend.

Classical Outboard Runabouts (COR 2.0) will be on hand looking to put on a show with two 10 lap qualifiers on Saturday and a 20 lap final on Sunday.

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Watch out for Hollis, that's one crazy dude! He once jumped 15 trash cans on a Huffy.

The rules state having a tow line attached to your bow eye bolt. After viewing most of the Youtube video's (helmet cam) I saw nobody that I notice having one, especially at the Long Beach race last year.
I also notice the picture in the headline of this thread and neither of the two boats have one. Are they required at the Long Beach race? I would think the tow boats there would have the proper tow lines with them to hook up to the bow eye's of stranded boats.

Thank you in advance,

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I do carry a tow line in my boat as I believe it is required in the rules... In practice, during the short course races, the rescue boats all have tow lines with hooks. Tow lines could also be helpful if the boat happens to sink... I remember a 23 foot Sanger sinking in an offshore race and the driver held on to the tow line with all his life until they were able to get a tow boat hooked up.

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Don't worry Thomas...these guys can be jokesters! Once you come to a race or two, you'll see that. ;) While Ross had talked about a modified Lemans start (like the 45's do), we've never done it in a COR race. Ross thinks it would be good at some point down the road, but some COR teams don't have enough people to hold the boat, load/unload, etc.

At this point, COR only considers flag (Ross' preference) or clock start.

As far as the tow rope goes, I'd imagine that it's a carry over from the Parker 300 Div 2 rules, which is pretty much where the COR class started from. In the Parker race, every boat has to have a tow line attached. I haven't looked at any other class rules (like GN or CJ), but I doubt their rules require a rope. I can't remember ever being checked for the rope at a sprint race, but definitely at the Enduro.


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The rules requiring a 15 foot tow rope attached to the bow eye of the competing boat is quite clear in the COR rules. There are other rules such as the rule requiring 3 inch COR lettering on the boat, Mercury flywheels only, to list a few. Any of these rules are quite clear and can be subject to an inspectors disqualification pending a review of the COR rules or, for that matter, a protest by a competitor These are COR rules and are not necessarily the same nor have anything to do with the Enduro Rules.
Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

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Testing today but I will not be there on Friday... Would like to get all the CORs together in the pits along the waterline. Pits open first thing. (Just saw the SCSC trailer on the way down tot he race site.) Whoever gets there first... try to save us at least 9 pit spots.

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Is there any place near by the marine stadium?

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You can launch at Davies Launch Ramp (or one of the others http://www.longbeach.gov/park/marine/launch_ramps.asp ) which is up from Marine Stadium and you would have to idle out Alamitos Bay to the Long Beach Harbor which is behind the break water but it might be a little choppy. The 343 is headed to Puddingstone to test which is about 37 miles away. They have a speed limit so you have to watch for the patrol boat... If it is even out during the week.

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45, 234, 711, 05, and 128 have all checked in. 343 got his motor broken in today. 9 and 30 are rigged and ready. See you all in the morning. Drivers meeting at 8:00 am.

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West Marine has Premium 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil on sale for $14.99 this weekend. they are right around the corner from Marine Stadium.


251 North Marina Drive
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 598-9400

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There are a total of 9 CORs and 93 total Pre-Registrations for the Long Beach Sprint Nationals. The local news and TV crews were down at the stadium today take rides in a v-drive but I missed the segment on the nightly new channel. Big race weekend for SCSC and APBA Region 12.


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The live feed starts at 9:00 am on ustream both Saturday August 3 and Sunday August 4, 2013: http://www.ustream.tv/surfrat boat racing action is scheduled to start at 9:30.

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Watched the first race on Sat. Nice win Mike, pretty much had it from the start. Boat looks good! That announcer sucked! Thought it was 5 laps, Mike had a new paint job on the 30, Walt moved up to COR and was running the 711. Really pretty bad. Greg shut the door on Keith cutting lanes in the turn once again. Dangerous out there. Announcer said he would be penalized but don't know what happened.

Be careful out there and just stay in front!

"Assumption" usually ends up being wrong! Your wrong about who was driving the 711, but your right on the money if your sentence, "Really pretty bad." was in reference to the 711. I wouldn't put to much emphasis on the driving aspect of it. I agree it really stunk up the place and I must say in all the different vehicles I've raced over the past 19 years and winning a few championships along the way, I have never felt so humiliated on a track or a course as I did this past weekend. By the way, if you weren't there Sunday, I got lapped by the entire field. Oh, and one more thing, my GPS speedometer recall had my top speed at 70 mph. There is only so much a driver can do with a top speed like that.


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We ran two 10 lap races today and will run a 20 lap race on Sunday. All are equal points races. Sunday is the the race for the trophy. Thanks for the feedback Frank, I plan on giving the announcer a few notes about the COR class for Sunday at the drivers meeting so he has some better context.

Today we had two new COR drivers (Keith in the #343 blue Baker) and (Tom in the #711 white GMT). Both were under the referees instructions to run behind and to the outside. Both drivers did a great job and have been approved for full race action on Sunday. We should have a full field of nine on Sunday. The COR final is scheduled in the early afternoon, after the intermission.

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Congratulations to all of the COR teams for a great week-end in front of a large group of spectators at Long Beach Marine Stadium (reported to be 10,000). A special congratulations to the two new drivers who qualified on Saturday and drove competitively in the 20 lap final race. The 20 lapper had to be a very difficult race to run with the tight turns at either end--was it fun? was it tiring) A very special congratulations to the 3030 team for a clean sweep on both days proving that a lot of testing and excellent driving pays off on the track. Mike has certainly learned the lesson of a good start as he seemed to be first across the line, going away in every race. With his clean sweep he appears to have a firm grip on this years hi-points race.
The rest of the COR field should be very proud of the fact that they were able to race safely with the largest class of closely contested boats that the "stadium" has seen in a long time.
Once again, the COR family is growing! The marine stadium, the perfect stage for the COR boats to demonstrate their dependable "racing" 2.0 engines and very fast and safe modified Vee bottom production hulls. Way to go and grow in the CLASSIC OUTBOARD RUN-A-BOUT (COR) Class where you can get mechanical help in the way of parts, or advice from any of the COR PITS, lots of "bench racing" and a beer after it is all over! Again, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!
Rod Zapf, COR Chairman

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Here are the COR 2.0 boat racing videos from the 2013 Long Beach Sprint Nationals from upstream:

Qualifier #1: (Starts at minute 47:30) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36814609

Qualifier #2: (Partial race starts at minute 16:00) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36820671

Final: (Starts at minute 1:56)

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Congratulations Mike, Keith and Greg you three are diffently the top runners in this class and diservedly so. I like to thank all of the COR members for making my first race at Long Beach a truly memorable expercience not only for me but my huge family support group of 30 plus. A special thanks to Mike Q. for helping me pull this project togather. I purchased this hull in April alot of long days and late nights but well worth it. Sundays main didn't feel like 20 laps I quess I was having to much fun to keep track of the laps. Thanks for all the advise before and after the race hopefully the learning curve is a fast and safe one. Sorry Greg. See you all in San Diego. Mike what was that weight again 1550lbs

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Yes. The #343 Baker weighted in right on button. Anymore wet sanding and you you might not have made weight (LOL). Although the announcer call your boat a new boat (or maybe you just had a new paint job) so nice work on getting it ready. (The 343 is numbered after the 343 lost FDNY firefighters lost on 9/11).

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OMG the announcer was horrendous! I think he butchered everyone's name equally though. "California Outboard Racing" - is that the new COR name? LOL WOW. Just turn the sound off.

Oh, and surfrat video from heat 3 starts at 01:56:00 in this video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/36901285


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A great weekend of racing! I had an awesome time mixing it up with everyone. Definitely nice to see all the boats being competitive and everyone being helpful and friendly with the new guys too.


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I agree with Keith comments and what Greg B said at the awards ceremony... great group of guys in this class all looking to help each other out.

It was anybody's weekend. The boats are all very competitive, some stronger than others on different water and courses. Set-up changes (prop, jetting, weight, gearcase, etc) seem to make all the difference. Congratulations to all who came and finished, we had 100% finish compared to last year were a number of boats that were not able to finish the weekend.

Please send any photos from the weekend to info@corboatracing.com

Oh yeah, new paint job, walt moves up from a-stock, driver's names mispronounced... unfortunately the details are wrong. At least one sponsor was mentioned in Al's Outboard but no other COR sponsors.

Please feel free to add your sponsors to this thread: http://corboatracing.com/?q=boat-repair-marine-service

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Just in from Ross... WOW!!! As usual the Long Beach Sprint Nationals didn't disappoint!! What a great weekend at the Stadium!!! Racing hasn't been this exciting in some time and it's poised to only get better. Congratulations to all the racers on an excellent and relatively incident free show! Glad everyone is ok and hopefully back home safe and sound! The fan's definitely got their money's worth!!

Thanks to all the sponsors- ARP, Noble Iron, Hotboat.com, Haul-Ass, Ecology Auto, Sea-Tow, Rex Marine, Mike Follmer Specialties and everyone that advertised in the program!!

A big Thank you to my entire staff! All of you are by far the best group to work with and you make it look easy!!

Overall Results:

ASH Weekend Overall
1st Place 42 C David Hale Sunland, CA
2nd Place 71 C Mike Wright Huntington Beach, CA
3rd Place 70 C Gordon Jennings III Foothill Ranch, CA
4th Place US2 Tony Lombardo Concord, CA
5th Place 12 C Brian Schmeltz Elk Grove, CA
6th Place 55 U Alex Bloomfield Hot Sulfur Springs, CO
7th Place 60 C Kevin Curtis Huntington Beach, CA
8th Place 196 C Nicole Knudson Chino, CA
9th Place 72 C Casey Jones Montclair, CA
10th Place 29 C Ken Knudson Chino, CA
11th Place 126 C Brittney Schwarzenbach Apple Valley, CA
12th Place 5 U Sarah Bloomfield Hot Sulfur Springs, CO

AXH Weekend Overall
1st Place 70 C Gordon Jennings III Foothill Ranch, CA
2nd Place 126 C Brittney Schwarzenbach Apple Valley, CA
3rd Place 55 U Jared Wallach Redondo Beach, CA
4th Place 29 C Tony Lombardo Concord, CA
5th Place 72 C Casey Jones Montclair, CA

SST 45 North American Championship
1st Place 93 RJ West/Chuck Skelton Mantecca, CA
2nd Place 10 Jason Williams Rancho Cucamonga, CA
3rd Place 22 Steven Dawe Indio, CA
4th Place 37 Dean Comer Monrovia, CA
5th Place 24 Spencer Love Santa Rosa Valley, CA
6th Place 25 Warren West Mantecca, CA
7th Place 711 Walt Hollis Anaheim Hills, CA
8th Place 33 Joe Brain Huntington Beach,

Pro Stock Weekend Overall
1st Place 36 Robby Devine/Tom Buckles Corona, CA
2nd Place 741 Greg Shirley/Danny Loveless Payson, UT
3rd Place 55 Ade Bloomfield Hot Sulfur Springs, CO
4th Place 929 Shane Hall/Joan Hall Big River, CA
5th Place 367 Mark LoPresti Parker, AZ
6th Place 5 Jerry Panagos Seal Beach, CA
7th Place 550 Daniel Bement Greshem, OR
8th Place 757 Don Dunster Discovery, Bay, CA
9th Place 640 Tyler Roth/John Grijalva Anaheim Hills, CA

River Racer Jet Weekend Overall
1st Place 2813 Christian Munk San Francisco, CA
2nd Place 55 Bill Robinson Topack, AZ
3rd Place 812 Ralph Brunt Long Beach, CA

1st Place 123 Tom Bandy/John McClure Westminister, CA
2nd Place 21 Matt Letcher/Terry Valore Cerritos, CA
3rd Place 460 Jeremie Robinson/Jim Brock No. Hollywood, CA
4th Place 169 Mark Yunker Sun City, CA
5th Place 60 Shirl Dickey Aguila, AZ

COR Weekend
1st Place 30 Mike Q. Huntington Beach, CA
2nd Place 234 Keith Locklier/Kevin Taylor Henderson, NV
3rd Place 29 Greg Belda Lake Havasu City, AZ
4th Place 9 John Soares San Bernardino, CA
5th Place 45 Tim and David Carranza Hawthorne, CA
6th Place 128 Greg Ronkainen Redondo Beach, CA
7th Place 343 Keith Bandy Huntington Beach, CA
8th Place 5 Emilio Mijares Henderson, NV
9th Place 711 Thomas Leiby Copernopolis, CA

1st Place 24 Joey Cucci/Ted Kolby Inglewood, CA
2nd Place 369 Heath Heibert Bellflower, CA
3rd Place 44 Dave Rankin/Darrin Sousamin Hacienda Hts, CA
4th Place 27 Gary Garland Long Beach, CA
5th Place 99 Dan Normanden Huntington Beach, CA
6th Place 21 Mike Schmelling Phoenix, AZ

Super Stock Weekend Overall
1st Place 550 Kyle Bement Nampa, ID
2nd Place 80 Ty Newton/Dave Rankin Hacienda Hts, CA
3rd Place 36 Robby Devine/Tom Buckles Corona, CA
4th Place 333 Chad Crowder Glendale, AZ
5th Place 5 Jerry Panagos Seal Beach, CA
6th Place 757 Don Dunster Discovery Bay, CA

KRR Weekend Overall
1st Place 136 Robby Devine/Tom Buckles Corona, CA
2nd Place 24 Steve Sequeira Irvine, CA
3rd Place 66 Ty Newton/Pat Breazeale Glendale, AZ
4th Place 150 Charlie Marquard Puyallup, WA
5th Place 124 Sean Naffziger Clovis, CA
6th Place 69 Tony Scarlata/Jennings/Rankin Foothill Ranch, CA
7th Place 034 Chris Irick Lake Havasu City, AZ
8th Place 16 John Gunthrie Jr. Lake Havasu City, AZ

Crackerbox Weekend Overall
1st Place 92 Mike Schatz/Cole Noble Lakewood, CA
2nd Place 94 Don Doidge/Justin Delessandro Lancaster, CA
3rd Place 111 Richard Rucki/Scott Stump Martinez, CA
4th Place 5 Tony Lombardo/Blake Stump Livermore, CA
5th Place 21 David Doidge/Jennifer Doidge Anaheim, CA
6th Place 55 David Laws/Matt Stump Huntington Beach, CA

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Last but not least, James Perry, I would have not gone any where with out my engine builder. In all my excitement I forgot to mention this important person. The duckling LOL

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Thank you.. I look forward to working with you and doing some testing.

James Perry

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The COR Long Beach event and 2013 high points are updated and posted here from SCSC.


The all white GMT 711 is for sale! Best offer. For details, please call 209-785-7767.

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Thomas, sorry to hear about the problems with the 711 boat. Sounds like the motor went away. Did you check that the throttle arm is engaging all the carbs and timing all the way? Did you lose spark on one hole? Or maybe you lost a head gasket and it was getting water in a hole? If you lose one cylinder, the motor might loss about 800 to 1000 RPMs and 6-9 mph.

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Looks like ya`ll had lots of fun. Now who`s gonna stop the #30 freight train?

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These guys are all running hard. Long Beach is a funny course and finding the right setup is very tricky. That last day of testing really made a difference as the boat was not running as well the day before. A prop or weighting change can make all the difference. A screw turn on the timing, jetting, or reed type... all make a hugh difference in this "restrictor plate" type of racing.

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Please send more pictures to info@corboatracing.com

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COR boat racing videos from the #05 at Long Beach.

Heat 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJKk-zQjic8

Heat 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTylP3VFZC8

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Thanks to Keith #234 for the videos from the beach... better viewing than ustream.

Qualifier #1: http://youtu.be/16L5ATZjPEw

Qualifier #2: http://youtu.be/IJY2Q-PiG_I

Final: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k8Y4QLn6vg&feature=share&list=UUGGZDbaCE...

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A few more short clips, thanks to Keith #234, of the boats running up close on the parade lap and the SCSC awards ceremony.

Parade Lap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUupCt_X85c&feature=share&list=UUGGZDbaCE...

Awards Ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU_qwUnHpkI&feature=share&list=UUGGZDbaCE...

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How is the starting possition determind? Do ya`ll draw for lanes or just "get in where you fit in"?

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For flags starts, as in Long Beach, the CORs draw for lanes out of a hat for the first 10 lap qualifier. Lanes are then reversed for the second 10 lap qualifier. Based on the combined finishing order, lanes are set for the 20 lap final. New drivers have to start on the second row and to the outside until the referee approves them to move up.

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I see Mike has already cross posted most of my pics and videos, but these videos of the qualifiers are better quality. My friend Jim Dynda shot the video Saturday, and uploaded the hi-res versions on his YouTube.

Qualifier #1: http://youtu.be/16L5ATZjPEw

Qualifier #2: http://youtu.be/IJY2Q-PiG_I

And to Da Bull's question about who is going to catch Mike's freight train...it's gonna be tough! Just take a look at how hard he pulls the entire field on every start, especially heat #2. It looks like he put 7-8 boat lengths on everyone down the front straight.


thanks for sharing all the great videoes!!

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Keith, That did not go unnoticed. Yep, He be fast! Ya`ll can catch up tho. More engine work and test, test and test some more. Get those RPM up. Driving and boat set up is only part of it. HP is the key.

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Thank you to Apple Valley Marine for the great photos from the Long Beach race!