Enduro 300 at Parker (2011)

Discuss the legendary 300 mile race along the Parker Strip where COR boats race under Division 3 rules.

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Looking to expand division III boats at Parker for the 2011 Enduro 300... Alan Stoker, Ron Hill, Greg Foster, Joe Abellera, Bowden, John Soares, Kevin Taylor, Keith Locklierect (i know where you can find a powehead), Rod Zapf, Bill James, Skip Ewing, Bob Williams, Frank Doerfler, JJ Gibbs, Quemene Perea, Daniel Smith, Brian Murphy, Greg Belda, Gus Gust, Stephen Rains, Ryan Mueller, Jody Rains...

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Emilio and I have been working on another boat for him to race, so R&R Prop Shop will be fielding two boats at Parker. It is a Carlson Starcraft modified to fit within the COR Rules.

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This is your first call to get pre-registered for this years Nordic Boats Blue Water Resort & Casino 300 Enduro presented by Ecology Auto Parts on October 22.

All info (rules, entry forms, etc.) are available on www.enduro300.com

Let's see whose in this year!!!!

Ross Wallach, RPM Racing Ent.

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‘300’ ENDURO
Presented by:
Parker, Arizona, October 22, 2011


The Bluewater Resort & Casino will play host to one of the greatest spectacles in boat racing- the ‘300’ Enduro. For the seventh year since it’s revival, this historic event will take place on October 22, 2011, where the normally calm waters of Colorado River will test the mettle and will power of the racers and their equipment. Look to see some familiar faces and some brand new ones that are up to the challenge. The race will be 50 laps on an approximately 6 mile course, from the Bluewater Resort & Casino up 3 miles (Cienega Springs) and back. Who will end up claiming the title of “King of the River”! The overall Winner of the race will receive the “Marrion Beaver Cup” dedicated to the memory of the founding father of the event who passed in 2007.

The Race is modeled after the original 1963 “Parker Enduro” with all boats entering the contest to be a minimum length of 16 feet up to a maximum of 25 feet with any motor configuration (inboard, outboard, IO, Jet). Based on the boat and motor configuration the team will designate a racing division (1 thru 7) per the official rules that govern the race http://site.enduro300.com/Official_Rules.html . Absolutely NO capsule boats (true tunnels or otherwise) will be allowed. The start will be staggered Le Mans with the slowest class of the racing divisions taking off Le Mans style first and then each division starting at their prescribed time thereafter. Safety is of the utmost priority and there are strict rules regarding passing and overtaking boats. Fuel stops consist of a minimum of two (2) – ten (10) minute stops on the trailer in the teams pit designation so, like in NASCAR, fuel stops will play an important role.

Come and join in or watch this prestigious event and see with the many other racers, boat manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers that have already signed up to race for bragging rights and their share of the prize money.

Please call to request or visit www.enduro300.com for a complete set of rules.

Additional Info:
The race will start at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

On-site registration, safety inspection and racer check in, Friday October 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the River’s Edge Cantina (adj to the pits & Marina) and if you have any questions or want more information please feel free to contact Ross Wallach at (310) 318-4012 or via email at rpmracingent@yahoo.com

RPM Racing Ent. is looking for tow/patrol boats to help out at the Enduro, experience is not necessary and is one of the best ways to watch and support this event. For more information on how to get involved in this prestigious event, contact Ross Wallach at (310) 318-4012 or via email at rpmracingent@yahoo.com

Race Fuel- Parker Oil -800-527-5823 www.parkeroilproducts.com

Life Jackets/Helmet- Lifeline www.lifelinejackets.com (928) 669-9241

All info (rules, entry forms, etc.) are available on www.enduro300.com

Ross Wallach, Race Director
RPM Racing Ent.

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Are you guys paying tow money?

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I believe that Isleton, in Sacramento County California, is paying tow money. I have not yet heard of tow money for Parker, but I am not sure as I am a rookie.

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The Parker 300 has not paid tow money in the last 5 years and most likely will not be paying tow money this year, however the "ENDURO 300" web would be the site to ask questions concerning the Parker 300 race. That is where you should find the most accurate replies to your questions concerning the "300". Isleton is paying tow money to the COR boats as well as prize money. Some of the other classes (maybe all??) are also included in the tow/prize money. Isleton is one of the few venues where the local folks really want to enjoy a good week-end of boat racing. These kind of places are becoming harder to find every year and we all need to do our best to support this race. At this time I believe we have 6 COR boats with confirmed intentions of travelling to Isleton. I will try to get their sanction up so that we can send our entries in early enough for the Isleton officials to know who/what is coming. Rod "88"

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Here is the most updated entry list http://site.enduro300.com/Entrants.html

#35 Ventura Speed & Marine STV Frank Doerfler JJ Gibbs
#30 Ultimatemotorcycling.com STV Mike Q
#93 Biesmeyer Quemene Perea Daniel Smith
#15 Brunner Motorsports Witchcraft Tom Brunner Sr. Tom Brunner Jr. Scott Brunner
#234 R & R Prop Shop Stoker Kevin Taylor Tim Carmack Keith Locklier
#96 "Ol Goat II" Jack Stutesman Kenny Stutesman
#88 "Capnzee's Intimidator" Hydrostream Rod Zapf Bill James
#140 "Pure Nostalgia" GMT Skip Ewing Bob Williams
#48 "Integral Products" Stoker John Roth John Lane
#386 "Lucas Oil" Baker John Soares

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Still waiting for the official results to be posted but here are the top three...
1) Greg Foster driving the #34 Stoker.
2) Frank Doerfler and JJ Gibbs driving the enclosed #35 STV.
3) Kevin Taylor Tim Carmack and Keith Locklier driving the #234 Stoker.

Congratulations to these drivers and all the rest who participated in the 2011 boat racing event. Also, special well wishes go out to Joe Abellera... We hope you are feeling better soon!

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ENCLOSED huh?? Looks like you need to take a better look at what an enclosed boat is. The boat has absolutly no canopy or capsule. It has a fully open cockpit. In fact if you guys really want to "BUILD" your COR class you would let me come run it a Parker for the Thanksgiving race, but it's ok some of your members have already said we aren't welcome.

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The rules that govern the Parker 300 are different than the rules that govern COR. Very often they are confused. There is a Division III at Parker and in my estimation all of the boats were legal for that race. Come Thanksgiving, we will be running under the COR rules as published in the 2011 APBA rule book under Special Event. Congratulations to all of the Division III boats who finished! You had one helluva handicap to overcome and I am sure none of you took your foot out of the throttle, nor did you have the chance to "coast" to the finish line. Once again, I was privileged to race in the "INDIANAPOLIS OF BOAT RACING", however this year just wasn't my year to finish. The "88" team was one of the finest any driver could ever ask for. They "found" me below BADENOX(sp), changed out my LU gearbox and put me back in the race in less than 40 minutes. I wish I had room for all of their names, but please accept my thank you. You were all great. Those folks who "hauled" me into their ramp, dock, private piece of "heaven" and poured a cold soda down me, a HUGE THANK YOU! Nuff for now. Rod Zapf

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I did not say you had a "canopy or capsule", I just called it "enclosed" which I believe is a fair description. I think your boat fits the Parker rules as deemed by the officials. I don't think that gave you guys an advantage, You brought a boat that was well set-up, ran well and with some good driving... I send you only my congratulations.

Regarding COR rule... I have no idea why they are different from from the Parker Rules... If anybody was upset with your set-up, they must have been reading the COR/APBA rules which state the following...

V, Flat Bottom or Modified V-Bottoms are allowed in this class. General Rules are as follows: All boats must have an “open” cockpit and may not be “cowled-in”. An open cockpit shall consist of an undecked area that is at least 36” wide and 48” long.

I built this website only to promote this type of boat racing and I would love to see more people racing. I would speak with Rod (the class chairman) and see what can worked out!

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I would welcome other manufacturers into our COR class but sure wouldn't want to put all of us with the old 2.0's out of "business'. Thanks for the support. We have about 10 (just a guess) legal voters, that is boats (owners) who have run at least 1 COR race during the year 2011. I am looking forward to their suggestions and their votes whatever they may be. On another subject, the cost for joining APBA for next year as a COR member is $165.00. This is official, coming straight from Gloria , APBA, Detroit. Donot join as an OPC member but as a Special Events member, COR (local class). Rod Zapf COR Chairman

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The 2011 Blue Water Resort & Casino 300 Enduro once again didn't disappoint with the grueling 300 mile test of endurance on the 6 mile course on the Colorado River. Almost perfect weather conditions helped make this years “Enduro” one of the best that have been run in the past 6 years.

Congratulations to GN-113 "The Nightmare" team of Greg Gluck and Mike Noble, Sebring, FL, on wining the 300 Enduro. By winning the Enduro, Gluck clinched the APBA Grand National APBA High Point Championship which gives Gluck his 1st induction into the prestigous APBA Hall of Champions. Greg & Mike took the overall win and 1st place in Division II. Team 113 had an incredible, near perfect day of racing. 2nd Place overall went to Team Nordic #192 Randy Davis, Gordon Jennings & Billy Dunsmore, Lake Havasu City, AZ who shared the driving duties for the 300 mile race. Due to the great set up of the brand new Nordic 21', Davis finish a mere 1 lap (6 miles) behind Gluck despite having started 47 minutes after Gluck. 3rd Place goes to the #369 "Advanced Racing" Team of Heath Hiebert, Gary Garland & Jack Landers, Bellflower, CA who also ran a near perfect race despite being a last minute entry.

A great day of racing on the Colorado River was had by all participants and the fans were treated to an exceptional show of racing between inboards, outboards jet boats, V-bottom and Flats all racing for the win and bragging rights to be called "King's of the River" for 2011!

On behalf of the entire staff at RPM Racing Enterprises, we wish Joe Abellera, a two time Enduro winner, a speedy recovery from his injuries sustained during the Enduro!

Here are the overall results by Division:
Division I
1st Place- #59 "Pipe Dream" Randy Letcher, Chris Irick, Matt Letcher, Lake Havasu City, AZ
2nd Place- #275 "Team Imcor" Bill Mason, Sean Mason, Phoenix, AZ
3rd Place-# E-12 "Craz-E-Horse" Ken Bewick, Joe Lakamp, Grady Lakamp, Steve Sequiera, Riverside, CA
4th Place-#222 "Deuces Wild" Terry Valore, Mark Yunker, "The Legend" Harold Bruce W. Covina, CA
5th Place-#511 John Raptis, Paul Velasco, Steve Yoder, San Dimas, CA

Division II
1st Place- #113 "The Nightmare" Greg Gluck, Mike Noble, Sebring, FL
2nd Place- #369 "Advanced Racing" Heath Hiebert, Gary Garland, Jack Landers, Bellflower, CA
3rd Place- #44 "Ecology Auto Parts Special" Darrin Sousamian, Aaron Siroonian, Paul Fitzgerald, Whittier, CA
4th Place- #47 "Fadco Special" Rob Devine, Clay McKinley, Azuza, CA
5th Place- #790 "My Pleasure" Lanse Haselrig, Mike Johnson, W. Los Angeles, CA
6th Place- #7 "Rusher Air" Bill Wheeler, Lake Havasu City, AZ
7th Place- #22 "Southern Thunder Marine" Chuck Sousamian, Paul Fitzgerald, Dave Rankin, Whittier, CA
8th Place- #145 "Best Racing Team" Jim Best, John Best, Pinon Hills, CA

Division III
1st Place- #34 "California Gold Racing" Fred Bowden, Greg Foster, Alan Stoker, Monrovia, CA
2nd Place- #35 "Ventura Speed & Marine/Gibbs Propeller" Frank Doerfler Jr., JJ Gibbs Lake Havasu City, AZ
3rd Place- # 234 “R & R Prop Shop” Kevin Taylor, Keith Lockliear, Tim Carmack, Henderson , NV
4th Place- #48 "Integral Products" John Lane, John Roth, Long Beach, CA
5th Place- #28 "Bleu Cheese Racing" Ben Marrone, Tony Scarlata, Tijuana, BC
6th Place- # 386 "JSR Motorsporst" John Soares, San Bernardino, CA
7th Place- #120 "Best Racing Team" Skip Ewing, Bob Williams, Phelan, CA
8th Place- #96 "Ol Goat II" Jack Stutesman, Kenny Stutesman, LaPine, OR
9th Place- #88 "Capnzee's Intimdator" Rod Zapf, Bill James, Manhattan Beach, CA
10th Place- #30 "3030" Mike Q, Huntington Beach, CA
11th Place-# 93 Quemene Perea, Daniel Smith "By Marone" Lake Havasu City, AZ

Division V

1st Place- # 77 "Team Amsoil/Teague Custom Marine" Bob Teague, John Teague,Valencia, CA
2nd Place- #550 "Tub of Fools" Jim Benton, Tim Christianson
3rd Place- #10 "Outside the Box" "Jerry Cotter, Tom Stolarz, Corona, CA

Division VI
1st Place- #435 "War Canoe" Steven Nolind, Scott Nolind, Sacramento, CA
2nd Place #312 "Pirate Motorsports" Randy Lewis, Steve Linder, San Diego, CA
3rd Place- #555 "Abellera Motorsports" Joe Abellera, Brian Murphy, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Division VII
1st Place- #193 "Nordic Racing" Randy Davis, Bill Dunsmore, Gordon Jennings, Lake Havasu City, AZ
2nd Place- #11 "Warpath" Mike Avila, Jim Anderson, Discovery Bay, CA
3rd Place- #73 "Nordic Racing" Steve Davis, Todd Haig, Justin Soller Lake Havasu City, AZ

Overall Results:

1st- #113 Greg Gluck/Mike Noble, Sebring, FL, "The Nightmare" Div II, 50 Laps
2nd-#192 Randy Davis/Bill Dunsmore/Gordon Jennings, LHC, AZ "Nordic Racing" Div. VI, 49 Laps
3rd- #369 Heath Hiebert/Gary Garland, Bellflower, CA "Advanced Racing" Div. II 47 Laps
4th- #44 Darrin Sousamian/Aaron Siroonian, Whittier, CA "Ecology Auto Parts Special Div. II 46 Laps
5th-#34 Fred Bowden/Alan Stoker/Greg Foster Monrovia, CA “California Gold” Div. III, 45 Laps
6th-#35 Frank Doerfler/JJ Gibbs, LHC, AZ “Ventura Speed & Marine” Div. III, 45 Laps
7th- #77 Bob Teague/John Teague Valencia, CA "Team Amsoil/Teague Custom Marine Div. V 44 Laps
8th- #47 Bob Devine Sr./Rob Devine/Clay McKinley, Azuza, CA "Fadco Special" Div. II 42 Laps
9th-#234 Kevin Taylor/Tim Carmack/Keith Locklier, Henderson, NV "R & R Prop Shop" Div. III 42 Laps
10th- #790 Lanse Haselrig/Mike Johnson, W. Los Angeles, CA "My Pleasure" Div. II, 40 Laps
11th- #48 John Lane/John Roth, Long Beach, CA Div. III 40 Laps
12th- #435 Steven Nolind/Scott Nolind "War Canoe" Div. VI, 40 Laps
13th-#312 Randy Lewis/Steve Linder, San Diego, CA "Pirate Motorsports" Div. VI 39 Laps
14th- #11 Mike Avila/Jim Anderson, Discovery Bay, CA "Warpath" Div. VII 39 Laps
15th- #28 Ben Marrone/Tony Scarlata, Arcadia, CA "Bleu Cheese Racing" Div. III 36 Laps
16th- #386 John Soares, San Bernardino, CA "JSR Motorsports" Div. III 36 Laps
17th- #59 Randy Letcher/Mike Letcher/Chris Irick, Lake Havasu, AZ Div. I 36 Laps
18th- # 140 Skip Ewing/Bob Williams, Phelan, CA "Best Racing Team" 30 Laps
19th- #73 Steve Davis/Todd Haig/Justin Soller, LHC, AZ “Nordic Racing” Div. VII, 29 Laps
20th-#275 Bill Mason/Sean Mason, Phoenix, AZ “Team Imcor” Div. I, 25 Laps
21st- #550 Jim Benton/Tim Christianson, "Tub of Fools" Div. V 22 Laps
22nd- #96 Jack Stutesman/Kenny Stutesman "Ol Goat II" Div. III 11 Laps
23rd- #88 Rod Zapf/Bill James, Manhattan Beach, CA "Capnzee's Intimidator" Div. III 11 Laps
24th- #E-12 Ken Bewick/Joe Lakamp/Grady Lakamp, Riverside, CA "Craz-E-Horse" Div. I 11 Laps
25th- #7 Bill Wheeler, Lake Havasu City, AZ "Rusher Air" Div. II 10 Laps
26th- #30 Mike Q, Huntington Beach, CA "3030" Div. III 10 Laps
27th- #222 Terry Valore/Mark Yunker/Harold Bruce, W. Covina, CA "Deuces Wild" Div. I 9 Laps 10
28th- #555 Joe Abellera/Brian Murphy, Lake Havasu City, AZ Div. VI 8 Laps
29th- #511 John Raptis/Paul Velasco/Steve Yoder, San Dimas, CA Div. I 7 Laps
30th- #22 Chuck Sousamian/Paul Fitzgerald/Dave Rankin, Whittier, CA "So. Thunder Marine" Div. II 6 Laps
31st- #93 Quemene Perea/Daniel Smith, Lake Havasu City, AZ "Div. III 4 Laps
32nd- #10 Jerry Cotter/Tom Stolarz, Norco, CA “Outside the Box” Div. V, 3 Laps
33rd- #145 Jim Best/John Best, Pinon Hills, CA "The Best Racing Team" Div. II 3 Laps

On behalf of RPM RACING ENTERPRISES, I would like to thank all the of sponsors, officials, volunteers, patrol boats, rescue, racers, families and crew and of course our fans and spectators that came out to be a part of this great event.